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In some earlier entries I left something out. On my Good Friday in Boots I was mistaken for a staff member of Boots half the time! *chuckle* I must have looked quite official, though I was wearing white and navy. I also said I'd be going back twice more: I never did. Due to lack of sales Oral B decided to stop the in-store promotion until June when the media campaign starts. [sarcasm:] What a shock. [/sarcasm]

On another note: I'm really glad Finland won the Eurovision Song Contest! They were pretty good and had an enjoyable song, if not slightly cheesy. Nathan and I were surprised that Romania and Moldova didn't get more votes though. It was also surprising how many Lithuania got, their song was just stupid...funny, but stupid.

Thought I'd talk a bit about my first week of Study Leave. Lack of revision as well as lack of incentive to finish my current story. Monday I had Japanese Listening and Reading, Tuesday I had my German AS resit, Thursday I had my German Oral, which I felt good about.

Wednesday I saw June. I gave her early birthday pressies: £35 for the bank and 1300 Baht (Thai money). I just loved the look on her face, it was probably the best present I could have given her, considering she's going to Thailand soon. I can only imagine how much that's really worth in Thailand, over here I spent £19.79 for the money. That day we saw 'The Da Vinci Code': the story's very good, but the movie's quite messy, the characters don't seem completely realistic and the way the camera shows some events and some parts of the conspiracy theory it doesn't seem believable or real. The story didn't touch reality or 'feel real' like MGS2 did.

Thursday I saw X-Men 3. I've seen all 3 of the movies by myself in the cinema. It was a general disappointment. The story felt rushed and was moving along too quickly for my taste, the climax came too soon. And despite all the hype, Angel was rarely seen, nor Rogue. And as a personal disappointment: they didn't have Gambit. HE'S THE BEST ONE!!! Anyway: I believe X-Men 2 was the best of them all.

On Friday there was a Wedding at St. Michael's and they asked for a choir. Dunno what they expected 'cos most people had school or work (not me of course). Despite the odds, 4 people turned up and we each got paid a fiver for our services, as per usual. The Wedding was straight forward: the bride wasn't too late, there were no screeching children, no major cock-ups (though they are rare) and the congregation sat respectfully when we sang the anthem, as they should (one congregation didn't).

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