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Today was my last day of school...ever. (Until my exams that is) So it seems only fitting that I write a special entry in commemoration.

To celebrate our last week, Year 13 decided to do a frenzy of dressing up week. Monday was Beach Day-people were confused what to wear 'cos they thought: bikini? Turned out the girls were expected to wear what peple wear in Hawaii. Tuesday was Pyjama Day. For these 2 days I was one of the minority who didn't take part, but I got into the spirit on Wednesday: Disney Day. I dressed up as an Aristocat (Miss Alarcon thought I was Puss-in-Boots). Thursday was Chav Day. Funny thing was, no one looked like a genuine chav, except Charlotte in History. The clothes and accessories themselves were hysterical: girls wrote name 'tattoos' of their 'boyfriends' on themselves and some stuffed their tops to look pregnant. creative with the school uniform! First was the minority who didn't dress up. Then there were the casual dressers: school uniform with converse, jumpers with jeans, jeans jumpers and choice blazers, add ties, add hair accessories. Then came the deformed/ manipulated uniforms: skirts converted to boob tubes/hair accessories (or dresses), jumpers cut into halterneck shapes/tank tops, stuck warning labels onto the skirts (eg. "Irritant"), cut out of the skirts letters and sewed them onto the jumpers. For some reason a number wore fairy wings. Now the individual styles: some of the girls who joined the school in Year 12 wore their old uniform, Rachael Thomas wore every item of the PE kit-shorts under the tracksuit bottoms under the netball skirt-Shazida was the Asian schoolgirl, Ki-Yan looked very Chinese, Rachel Nazarko came in as the goth schoolgirl-but she didn't look genuine 'cos she used cheap face paint. I was the new wave punk of the 80s and I looked cool-people told me so. The costumes were so fantastic.

Throughout the week people have been asking me to sign their books and to pose for photos-I feel very flattered. I put this website into their books so if any Wally Girls are on here exploring: hello! Welcome to my site!

I might as well talk about today. In the morning we had a 20 minute long assembly, which was odd 'cos it was half philosophical and half Harry Potter. And people were passing books around. Then I had German. Frau (Fiona) Walters set up a tea party and we were joined by the 3 who left after AS or last year. How fun. Sajida (already on study leave) came in to see me. Awwww! She didn't have to. During break and free I hung out on the computers with her and this other Year 11; they did IT revision while I read webcomics and laughed. Then I had History. The most important thing I learned was that Marks and Spencer chocolate rolls are the best. Pot luck of learning we did!

Then came the leaver's lunch, which didn't end until the end of the school day. There were spring rolls, prawns, samosas and other cold goodies. The drinks served were varying flavours of squash, which were very good quality. There were speeches and presentations, trips down memory lane and Chloe McKeon's Michael Jackson impersonator routine. Mahsa (pronounced Massa) and Sarah Gn (you don't want to see how her last name's spelt-trust me) sang a lovely duet. This reflective song was spoilt by a few things: 1) the teachers chose this moment to serve the cakes. 2) the realisation during the chorus that the song was the main soundtrack to 'Pearl Harbour' (made it seem a tad ridiculous). 3) Mahsa forgot some of the words.

I had actually farted quite a bit during the lunch, but nobody noticed thank God. After the Year 9 trip down memory lane I complained that they forgot my infamous speech, for which I got an award in Year 11. Then snuck out for some time with Sophie and Eleanor. Even though I see them next Monday, I wanted alone time with them anyway. (Take note: they are in Year 9)  I snuck back in to discover I missed the cutting of the official cake-whoops! I still got to eat a piece-plus a lot of icing. Then there was the photo slideshow with background music, which reduced half the hall to tears (should've expected it considering 2 songs were 'End of the Road' and 'Goodbye' by the Spice Girls). I was disappointed there wasn't a picture of me in the slideshow, but then I realised I wasn't the only unfeatured person. Then we saw a movie made of camera clips which was a lot more uplifting: it started with the parody of the 'Friends' start done by 4 Wally Girls and featured Natalie shaking her booty with Mrs Eagleton.

I was slightly startled by this movie: on Monday I went outside with Sophie, Eleanor and Laura and we went to the little garden behind the Maths Block. What I didn't realise was as we were figuring out our seating plan someone was filming us. When the movie showed areas of the school the clip taken on Monday was featured, showing the garden, but it only saw my back so I don't think anyone recognised me. After that the Yearbook was officially announced to be ready to collect on results day (in August), then they read out the Poll Winners: best bodypart, most likely to be, seven dwarves, stuff like that. I didn't get one. *whine, moan, whinge, complain* Then we had the Year photo and that was it.

Emotions: At the time I felt something. Anxiety plus something...a bit more sorrowful I suppose, it was very strange. I might have cried if the feelings had been stronger. Now I just feel normal...and tired.


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