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Finding a job is hard. Especially if you have no experience. HOW'RE YOU SUPPOSED TO GET A JOB IN THE FIRST PLACE IF EVERYWHERE DEMANDS EXPERIENCE!!!?

The Sports Centre turned me down, Wagamama doesn't take on temps (at least they had the courtesy to tell me). On the upside I think I've got the interviewing job-as a market researcher interviewer. I think so because they rang me weeks ago to check my availability and I told them I wasn't able to work 'til the 26th, so they said they'd ring me again on that day. But I've learned from past failed searches to not rest my hopes on one job.

In the meantime I keep getting weird spammail from companies I've never heard of offering management vacancies. Why do these people just send ads into the neverworld? Probably 'cos it's a front for an underground operation of some type...

You never know!

Ah! The weather's lovely. Today I'm wearing such skimpy clothes I might as well have gone around the house in underwear. I'm wearing a bikini crop-top with uber-short shorts. Pretty much what they wear in Miami (if TV shows are anything to go by). It was hot on Saturday, when England played their World Cup match. In fact, Sports fans are spoilt for choice: World Cup and Wimbledon. Mum and Nathan argue over which sport to watch 'cos Tennis lasts too long but Mum doesn't like football to much. I'm not really into it to be honest: England are just gonna lose again.

Anyway, because of all this sport the roads were strangely empty. Not completely empty, but strangely empty. At Fiveways on a Saturday afternoon the line(s) of cars can stretch for miles... not last Saturday. I drove the Mini to Sainsbury's to fill up the tank and lo and behold lots of people were doing the same thing. I ended up embarrassing myself at the same time. I kept driving too far forwards and backwards in an effort to get as close to the pump as possible, but got too close. I yanked on the pump hose too hard, pulling out the other pump. My pump I couldn't insert properly and spilt some petrol. I also did something else quite daft: after finally filling it up and paying I forgot to pick up the receipt. Then I forgot to write the mileage-Dad's way of checking the tank for problems.

And another thing. Saturday morning I paid for an hour's parking and got back so much later I was convinced I'd get a parking ticket...I DIDN'T! I ESCAPED THE TICKET INSPECTOR! But I'm never doing that again 'cos they're usually much better stalkers. Mum'd be hopping mad if she ever found I did that.

If you don't believe that little story, you can always ask my eye-witness: June aka ying-temptra on Deviant Art.

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