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Cor! Been a long time. But I've been busy: exams and finding a job. On Friday (23rd) I had History Unit 4, immediately followed by History Unit 5, then Spanish Writing in the afternoon. A bloody lot of exams to put into one day! (Keep in mind the 2 subjects are done by different exam boards.) But I was good: I revised all the important bits and learned the components of a good essay every day. On Tuesday I took in so much and it took so long I had to miss Fencing. I was so surprised when 20 girls (majority of candidates) came out worried 'cos they hadn't revised enough or the right bits. Some had an excuse, others didn't.

I was a bit diddy Friday night 'cos Mum checked the phone for messages and I was told by Debra/Deborah (dunno how she spells her name) at Croydon Park Hotel to phone about starting work. ^^ I'll be a waitress. But when I did ring she'd gone home for the weekend, so I don't find out for sure 'til Monday.

Hayley and Lauren invited me to go out with them that lunchtime. I was seriously hesitant. Sajida was nearby and she could tell, so she gave me the final push. Plus it was so sudden: I prefer to plan things ahead. But I was glad I went. I've had many fears of my first trip to a nightclub: drunkards, druggies and bad toilets, but the Black Sheep (in Croydon) was pretty decent. The only problem was the amount of smokers- one anorexic/deformed woman sat down and did nothing but talk to friends and use up an entire packet! WHAT WAS THE POINT?

It was an alright night: Wally girls (Yr 13s) were dotted everywhere celebrating the end of their exams, or like Amy were just out (last exam is this Thursday). Most people in general were Yr13s/14s=Uni first years/dropouts. Plus it was good to meet all these boys I kept hearing about. I was also hesitant because going out in Croydon (at night) usually means trouble. Mum was worried, but Hayley understood so when I got bored I ended up with 4 escorts to the bus stop-it was 3 but then Lauren's friend Billy came along.

Sajida and I planned to use Saturday to celebrate the end of exams together. First suggestion was to go to June's restaurant and I'd pay for everything. She was saving up money for the (weekly) travelcard to use to get to Work Experience (hospital in London), but then her dad offered to pay for it. So I was left with more money than I thought after eating. (Mmm, Thai food) We got there by train, so Sajida said she would be at my house by 11. Being Sajida, she was an hour late. I expected that. After lunch, we watched Casshern, which I kept raving about. Everyone should see it: it's very thought-provoking. She enjoyed it-she enjoyed the entire did I.

I need to go now, the annual Music Festival is on tonight.

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