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I'm happy!!! I have a job! I'm a waitress at the Croydon Park Hotel, one that I can get to by bus and it's 4 stars, so there's an opportunity for bigger tips^^. Nathan's also happy 'cos he was really annoyed by the prospect of going to school while I stayed at home. Usually jobs provide you the uniform and normally the hotel would provide everything: shirt, tie, waistcoat, skirt, tights, the lot. But I'm only a temp, so I had to get bits of my own uniform:-

White shirt: check (Mum thought I should have more so more were easily found)
Black tights: check
Black, straight (plain) skirt: ummm...

Monday was spent scouring catalogues, websites and even eBay for suitable skirts because due to the dreadful state of today's fashion, it's hard to find plain straight skirts: most are frilly or have a design or are made with a belt or sash. Suitable skirts were found in some catalogues but it wasn't certain if they would fit, plus we needed them quickly. 2 skirts off eBay have already arrived and one is just perfect, SO I'M SAVED!!!

It's next Monday I start, so I took it easy this week. I finished writing the climax of 'Gods of the Amazons' and I only have the final 'tying up loose ends' chapter to go, which I'll work on after I put this entry up. Because of my A Levels I decided to detach myself from video games, so I hadn't played one since Easter. (When I did GCSEs 2 years ago I was playing 'Sonic Heroes' half the time.) For the first time ever I played Hitman. There've been 4 games: Hitman, Hitman 2, Hitman Contracts and Hitman: Blood Money. Nathan has the last 2. I watched him play Contracts (it's fun to watch someone play it) and he played Blood Money between exams and revision, so I saw less of that game. Most of this week I've been playing Blood Money: what a fun game. It takes a lot of concentration and puzzle-solving, but it's fun. (Personally, I get a kick out of exploring each place, since I like doing that in real life.) There's also something contemplative about the storyline, which the soundtrack matches very well.

...I think I've lost some people. The Hitman series is all about an Assassin called Agent 47 and the point is to infiltrate each place and kill the target(s) without getting caught. Trust me, it's fun.

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