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I keep forgetting to do this: The Extradition Treaty is unfair and must be scrapped. The Lib Dems (and most likely the majority of other parties) are trying to gather support to scrap it and they emailed everyone on their mailing list (that's right, including me) asking to lobby... someone and to mention their cause on our website or blog. I am doing my democratic duty!

Remember my theory about the music in the restaurant and hotel lobby? (Read the last entry) Well it's bollocks. After listening to it more carefully I realised it's a CD, but it's not in random track mode. There's at least 20 different pieces of music: first you hear piano solos, then piano accompanied by other instruments, then orchestral pieces. It seems I just couldn't follow it before because I'm not always in the restaurant. So it's just one CD again and again but I'm only irritated by piano solos because I hear them the most often.

Today is predicted to be the hottest day of the year and the hottest since 1911. With highs of 37ºC and the announcement it was hotter here than in Athens, I honestly do not believe there will be another day as hot or hotter this year. God it was lovely. (I'm covered in sweat as we speak) It was so hot today that Street Dancing got cancelled-good idea considering you come out covered in sweat even on a Winter's day. Electric providers also warned of an electricity shortage due to so many demanding power for their fans. PUT UP WITHOUT! PUT UP WITH YOUR OWN SWEAT! IT AIN'T THAT BAD!!!

Seriously, scientists discovered the best way to keep cool is to open a window. What also irritates me is when people use leaflets or booklets to fan themselves. I know it's silly but the motion they do aggravates me so much.

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