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It's been so long since I updated, mostly because I haven't been able to think of anything to write. It's been same-old same-old at work, although a few strange yet humorous occurrences have happened. I once delivered room service breakfast at quite a late time for 2 very tired newlyweds. (cough cough) It was dark in their room so if anyone was naked I couldn't see. (The groom had wrapped himself in a blanket before answering the door.) I also found out that porters sometimes bring various objects to the rooms like shavers and scissors. But I was called for (I don't think I was chosen specifically) and found the lobby filled with people checking out. Since they ran out of porters I had the task of bringing a packet of cigarettes to someone's room.

I found out that Greg, who wears the same uniform as me so I released my mental restraint on talking back, is a supervisor. I shouldn't have talked back at him on Tuesday then, should I? Whoops. He hasn't treated me any differently though, but this morning he'd come out of nowhere going: "Faster faster faster!", which always jumped me. On the other hand I sort of needed that-my legs are good at moving me quickly but my arms move a bit too delicately. At break he told me: "By next month you will best at the breakfast."

...If you say so.

At the end of July I got my first paycheck. The cut off date was the Sunday after I started so I was paid only my first week's wages, so I'll get more next payday. I get paid £202 a week if I work the full 40 hours, but since then I've had at least one half-day a week. Oh well. Another nice surprise is getting some of my tips paid straight into my bank account because some of the customers use their credit card to pay for the meal and the tips.

At home Nathan needs a new bedroom door and a bed. He and Dad are assembling them as I write. I've been busy 'cos not only have I been throwing away accumulated junk-which I used to call homework and revision notes-I've been writing a list of things to get for Uni and Mum talked about money management. So I've been looking for new bank accounts with higher interest and a cheque book.

I also felt proud on Friday 'cos I wrote Großmutter an email and Dad couldn't find a single mistake. ^^

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