Ruth's Diary


A week after I started work at the Croydon Park Hotel, a new group of receptionists joined and all wore 'trainee' badges. They're the only workers who wear trainee badges it seems...and they're still wearing them. Cor, if it takes this long and more to train a hotel receptionist then no wonder I was turned down for the job at the Aerodrome Hotel last year.

Whenever I looked for an mp3 file that I wanted, ie. a song, I found it very hard to find one that was free. I found instead lots of companies that demand a fee. So I decided to join one of them when I got my new laptop. Quite unlike Nathan's method: Treasure hunting for hours for free downloads - legal or illegal. Since I downloaded Limewire I went into a frenzy. I downloaded one song by Lacuna Coil, saw another, downloaded that, then downloaded everything I could get my hands on - by Lacuna Coil. Then I got individual soundtracks then I indulged myself with other foreign rock bands: Tokio Hotel (German) and Vanilla Ninja (Swiss). Then downloaded more. Then I finished. (I didn't do the above in that order.)  

Unfortunately,  I couldn't download Biker Mice From Mars episodes. Wrong download speed *huff*. Out of nostalgia I watched the new version. It's crap.

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