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Since Japanese was a GCSE I had to wait a week before finding out that result. I came home on Friday to find I got A*. Yay!

On Thursday I worked in Room Service 7-10 pm. That wasn't initially planned but while I worked in the morning as usual, Mustapha asked if I could do it because the till system has crashed and it'll take a while before it's fixed. All the screens show are £££££ in the top left corner and HERO takes up the whole screen. I pressed a few buttons to see what happened and lo and behold: no response. I was sent home early so in total I worked 6.5 hours that day. Even though it wasn't very busy, they needed someone in Room Service so that all the bills/receipts could be written up; that's right, by hand. You never know when several orders could come at once after all. Before attending my first Late Shift I already knew the chefs used the kitchen blackboard to play Hangman when they got bored.

In fact, I was surprised when Sanjay said to me before I left: "Thanks for coming". He really didn't need to say that. Greg also wore the black suit of a manager for the first time (and has been wearing it since). Barbara told me he was meant to wear it 2 months ago. Well, for whatever reason he didn't if only he did, then I would've held my tongue. And I was convinced he thought I was stupid considering his attitude last Sunday but on Thursday he treated me with kindness and respect. Maybe Sarah told him I was Autistic? (I told her you see, 'cos it's true.)

Anyway, working at night. Despite the many clues (night outside, the clock on Room Service telephone, the dim Restaurant-which is mostly naturally lit) that it was night I did not feel tired, which is what I thought would happen. Banqueting was obviously not working because the lights in the banqueting corridor were off. I could've switched them on, but I didn't want to. For some reason I liked pushing the trolley of tray(s) through a dark corridor.

I'll talk more about this next time, but once I downloaded a particular software onto my new laptop, I got into a downloading frenzy.

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