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Well I'm Aberystwyth. The halls are nice, however I'd prefer it if they cleaned my window of the bird poo-or gull poo (since I'm by the sea). I'll ask reception to get that sorted once I'm done with the final paperwork, since they ask us to tell them that kind of thing. The picture below shows the window of my flat-yeah, the one on the far right with the plastic bag in it. The good thing about the box window is more storage space.

Another annoying thing about the flat is that the toilet is separate from your room (fine, I expected that) but they didn't put a sink in the separate toilet. The sink is in your room, so after doing your business in the toilet, with your dirty hands you must pull up your trousers (or whatever you're wearing on your legs), unlock the door, walk to your room, open the room door and close it, then wash your hands. Not very hygienic. Another thing, which I only get bothered by sometimes, is the heavy doors. I actually like heavy doors, but the walls are quite thin so you can always hear it when someone's going through doors 'cos most people let them slam shut. Below is a picture Dad took of my room soon after everything was moved out of the car. My room's a lot neater now, but I had to unpack it in halves over 2 days. To be honest I did get the heebie-jeebies on Friday night, partly because I had so much unpacking to do-on my own.

Oh yeah, Mum's in it as well. Say hi!

My flatmates: very nice people. My next door neighbours are 2 Poles sharing a double room, they're only here for 6 months (part of final year) and are pretty good looking^^. There's also a Kenyan international student and I'm glad the girls are how they are...I mean, Nikki's quite girly but at least we share common interests, in fact all us girls seem to have similar tastes in food. What's strange is that most of the boys have chosen to keep their cooking things and food in their rooms (except for cold storage stuff) so the girls took more cupboards and a couple are empty.

But what's weird is [insults removed! reason: I'm worried it'll bite me in the backside years in the future] Andy smokes and drinks but he only drinks at bars and so forth and only smokes with drinking-strange but apparently it's common. But he does rugby and even gawked at how much alcohol that Keith was opening up. Andy also promised to stop smoking after Fresher's week and said he'd buy us all a drink of our choice if he didn't.

Thinking about the Poles again (Peter and Raphael), you can always tell when they're in 'cos you can hear them talking. No talking, no Poles. I was also glad when Michael was introduced to us-he hardly drinks, generally an interesting guy, a good looker and is navigator in rally races-he even showed pictures.

Tomorrow it's my 19th birthday. I've already got all my presents, but Mum left me a birthday card, which I haven't opened yet (for tomorrow, see?). She also bought me a cake, Limeade, Cherryade and also insisted on buying me wine. Since it was Lambrusco (my favourite), I gave in to that demand. In fact, I feel quite grown up here. When I was working I still felt a bit childish but here, I don't feel any kiddiness or affection at all. Marvellous.

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