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Okay, ...what to say. I'm suddenly addicted to Youtube. I think it started after Eleanor and I discovered 'Yu-Gi-Oh: the abridged series', which is described by the 'author', LittleKuriboh, as "imagine Yu-Gi-Oh condensed into four minutes". Basically he makes 'episodes' of clips from each episode, in order, and imitates each of the character's voices with lines of his own. He then adds random stuff. All in all it's very funny. There are plenty more Yu-Gi-Oh micky takes (some better than others) and since then I'm always desperate to find some. My desperation is beginning to wane. Good timing since my lectures start next week.

Actually I lied, my first lecture was yesterday since that was when lectures officially began. It was 'Ways of Reading German Literature'. We'll be studying 3 books-I've bought the first one so I'll need to buy the other 2 quite soon. Which reminds me, I need to read the next scene today.

You know when they talk about annoying habits of other flatmates you have to put up with? Well I've found one. The stereotypical one is not washing up. Well Andy doesn't like doing it but he does do it. Keith tends to soak things then leave them in the sink for a while. But no, everyone washes up. The annoying thing is they leave them in the drying rack and don't bother putting them away.

The flat also has a pet: a hamster (also named Keith-the name was pulled out of many in a bowl). The girls decided they wanted one so 3 girls and 3 boys shared the cost (of hamster and cage). We're technically not allowed pets so Michael allowed the hamster to be hidden in the boot of his car on inspection days. But earlier Nikki, Claire and Andy were wrestling with the problem of where to keep the furball during Christmas...and other holidays. Andy pointed out how brash they'd gotten it (I had always thought so, but I didn't say). But I think they decided that Claire would take care of him. So the hamster stays.

It was this week the Society Fairs were on. I've ended up joining 4: hiking, mountaineering, conservation and the newspaper. To be honest, I don't think many of the societies were that pushy: most of them just stood by their tables. I found the pushiest to be the Student Conservative Party. Some guy appeared out of nowhere and said: "Hello Miss, would you like to come this way and sign up for the Conservatives?" My answer came out as: "Sorry, I'm a Lib Dem". I was meant to add "supporter" to the end of that but I was moving too quickly.

I went to the hiking social last night (my first one! yay!) and it was quite fun. I exchanged mobile numbers with a guy called Ben-from a relatively wealthy family in Luxemburg, speaks both German and French and is a 2nd Year who looks Indian-ish-'cos we had such a laugh. I was sharing a Pizza with him outside the pub called 'Rummer's' and suddenly it started raining. Of course wind came with that but most people stayed outside and a group of guys even started singing. It was like a festival or something. However by the time the rain picked up even more, we were forced inside and there I ate my last, slightly wet, slice of pizza. I still had a blast.

I should carry on researching for my article now.

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