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Last Friday at about 9:30 am they tested the smoke alarms. Damn they're loud, but at least you know what they are. We all then got emails from our Wardens telling us that there'll be a fire drill sometime this week, early in the morning. Now when they said early I thought they meant 'early for most people' while early birds like me would already be up and dressed. Timewise sometime between 7-8 am. But no, they made it just early enough to force everyone out of their beds.

This morning I jumped awake when the very noisy alarm went off. I knew I should've immediately climbed out of bed but instead I checked my watch for the time. It said 6:41. After getting my thoughts straight I knew I'd have to climb out of my warm, soft bed so I did-still holding my watch-and thought I should put on my dressing gown and slippers. But my feet continued walking automatically to the door and I remembered quickly enough to put on my slip-on shoes and my coat on the way out. It was cold out there! So the entire block (they didn't do all the halls at the same time) were shivering in the car park, some hurriedly half-dressed, a lot in bare feet, good thing we were only outside for a couple of minutes. Good thing everyone was out within a minute. After the Wardens read out the fire safety reminder we all went back inside.

Everyone in my flat attempted to get back to sleep. Probably quite easily done considering how dark it was and how sleepy they were. Not me though; once I've woken up I can't actually get back to sleep...and I was hungry. So I looked up the weather on 'Dashboard', got dressed and had breakfast. I bought some pancakes yesterday so I tried them. They're pretty good, and filling, I can see why Americans can be satisfied with eating just 4, 6 or more pancakes every day. I had 6 (the entire packet) and no cereal. I'll have the second and last pack tomorrow.

Last night I was finding all the Nightwish music videos available on Youtube. The majority of them were RUBBISH. The best ones were Nemo, the Sleeping Sun re-release and Wish I had an Angel was decent, but obviously cheap. Considering the wonderful artwork of all their music and how their music sounds, you'd think their videos would be a lot more imaginitive. Well, they now have a very global reputation so their new video had better be good.

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