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I went to Church for the first time in Aber. I went to 'Holy Trinity' partly because it was the nearest. I liked it. It's old, far more traditional than the Church back home (we say everything with the modern words like "you" instead of "thou", but what really annoys me is the fact that we sing the Lord's Prayer. Gugh!) and I was happy at the sight of a choir wearing red robes. There aren't any servers, so the priest does everything. His sermon went on a bit but he was entertaining; I actually listened instead of daydreamed. The congregation are very warm and inviting, someone actually greeted me at the door and introduced me to other newcomers (not students), much better than when my family went to St. Michael's for the first time: we felt really weirded out. I met the choirmaster, who happens to be Huw Clayton: the Phd student who is also my seminar tutor tomorrow. He admitted to me he had rush-prepared the class. He also invited me to join the choir anytime (it is seriously small, unlike my choir that performs anthems this one only sang hymns and the Agnus Dei).

Last night the flat (only 6 of us) dressed up (the girls more than the boys) and went to a restaurant. It wasn't until 10 minutes before we left that we decided where to go. Nikki asked me: "Ruth, d'you know any good restaurants?" To which I replied: "Only Asian ones". So it was decided with minimal fuss I would take them to a Chinese one I discovered. Everyone liked it and I was even sharing a bottle of wine with Becky. We ended up taking taxis there and back because on the way we were suddenly attacked by a tumult of rain (I was the only one wearing an adequate coat but only 'cos I was cold) and on the way back everyone was full and wanted to get to the Co-op before it closed. I even bought Nikki her ice-cream (we both had Magnum Double Caramel-mmmm) 'cos I felt a bit bad she kept paying for taxi fares. Afterwards we played Cranium. I didn't find it particularly fun but I'd never played it before so how could I know?

Regarding the flat: the hamster was returned a week ago, probably for the best.

Tonight I'll put on some more chapters of Goth Story once I've approved them, since I have time tonight. Afterwards I'll watch American Dad (since Eric-the Kenyan student-showed me a (questionably legal) website with all the episodes on it).

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