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I forgot to tell you last time that I figured out how to switch off my heater. I'm such a bonehead. When they were first switched on I was attacked by lots of heat and in my surprise I tried to put the heater on the lowest setting but I put it on the highest instead! Gah! No wonder the Wardens ignored my complaints emails.

Yesterday I did something I told myself I wouldn't do to make sure I kept my spending to a minimum: I made a purchase with my card. Don't worry, it's not a credit card, I don't even have one. I needed Mountain Climber's shoes as well as a new pair of gloves, together they came to about £60. I didn't want to withdraw such an amount (although I have done before...alright I was just making things easier!). I love the new gloves 'cos they're made for outdoor climbing/hiking and for resisting extreme weather.

The shoes are as comfortable as they can be. Explanation? They fit snugly around most of my foot but the big toe crunches up. Don't worry, that's meant to happen. They're made in a particular shape to give a person's weight the maximum leverage while the friction-free 'sole' means you don't slip off a rock face and fall to your death. Very handy. And I loved using them in the Box Rox (a climbing wall room)! Last week I was in slippy trainers (slippy on that surface anyway) and had a bad knee. Yesterday I was in all kinds of weird positions and relied a bit less on the knobs. I was so happy. But I forgot to warm up/stretch down so I'm walking around with pulled muscles in my back and under-shoulders. Mostly easy to ignore unless I'm in a stretch.

I watched 'A Scanner Darkly' earlier. Good movie, although I felt a bit sad at the end. The ending isn't sad, just bittersweet. But at the end there's a message from Philip K Dick himself and gives a list of names of friends who have had drug overdoses and next to their names are current states, be it "dead", "psychosis" or something else.

On another note, I've noticed that now lectures have properly started the amount of alcohol bought and drunk in the flat has drastically gone down. Although I don't think it's wise of Keith to keep buying DVDs...or cigarettes for that matter.

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