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On Thursday I was in my German Lit Lecture and there was a photographer. The pictures he took might be put in the next prospectus. I found it strange he decided to take specific photos of my laptop (he did so purely because it was a Mac-I'm honoured).

Anyways, I've finished watching every episode of American Dad but on the same website there are links to other shows like Lost, Scrubs and various animes plus Futurama, The Simpsons and South Park. Well I don't care about them. What I do care about was the link to Batman Of The Future, or 'Batman Beyond' as it is known in the US (why'd they change the name?). I clicked on a few links out of nostalgia 'cos I thought I'd seen every episode. But good God no! It turned out Toonami only showed the first episode of Season 3. HOW DARE THEY!? So I've been watching Season 3 with just 5 more episodes to go. After that I'll watch the Biker Mice From Mars episodes I discovered. Then I'll get started on Full Metal Alchemist since I keep hearing/reading raves about it.

I know what you're thinking: 'Where the hell's all your work?' Well I haven't been getting very much but earlier I was reading more of the set text 'Frühlings Erwachen' and I've almost completed my plan for my History assignment. I just have to underline the important bits then write the bloody thing. Hmmm, I sound like I hate it don't I? In actual fact I'm just writing it off as easy.

Tomorrow I'll be hiking in Snowdon.

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