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One thing I didn't mention about last weekend: Michael chose that time to move out. I was aware he was homesick and he lives surprisingly close (12 miles away), but moving back home and choosing to drive to Uni every time? That would just get on my nerves. And think of the pollution! Plus he's already paid for the damn flat. In the meantime he still has the key and thinks he won't be allowed to officially leave 'til end of term, which makes sense considering he's paid for the entire time to live there. So now he pops in to visit, I heard him come in just 10 minutes ago.

Now for random stuff. On Sunday night a kit bag was found abandoned outside one of the flat's 2 front doors, it's left open so you can see inside to find a pair of trainers and a towel-looks like a kit bag to the gym. On Monday a note appeared (seems to have been written by Nikki) saying: 'Could you please tell us if this bag belongs to you? It's becoming an annoying mystery. The flat opposite--------->'. (Bear in mind I can't remember the exact words) Tuesday another note appeared on top of that one: 'Please steal me'. Wednesday both notes are gone. It's now Thursday and the bag's still there.

On Tuesday evening I found Claire and Andy in the kitchen preparing food and he was ranting about something in his hilarious way. (They make a cute couple-yes they are dating) It turns out Claire discovered missing eggs in the fridge and then Andy got reminded of some sandwich filling that went missing. More people came into the kitchen and then Andy declared a flat meeting. Everyone was there except the 2 Polish who weren't in their room. It seemed almost everyone had something randomly go missing, but while everyone else had the misfortune of losing food, I added I randomly opened my drawer one day to find 2 missing spoons. We couldn't exactly pinpoint who did it all, Nikki thinks it's Eric but that's only because of his habit of taking food he believes to be abandoned (I don't think he'll make that mistake again). I brought up the idea maybe it's more than one person. The girls reached a consensus to label their stuff from now on. Andy thought Keith might have taken food when he was drunk-to which he thought it was plausible. He only said "yeah, maybe". Then Claire, who was previously so sure who owned which box of eggs, suddenly wondered who had bought what and if Nikki had taken the wrong box by accident. So then Andy goes off into another rant about how dare Claire makes a mistake and resurfaces memories of his missing sandwich filling.

Last night I tried a new recipe: lightly fried sardines and rice. I made sure I got tins of sardines in tomato sauce-meant something to drizzle over the rice since I don't like eating plain rice. The meal was gorgeous. However I was fully aware that fish produced a very strong aroma but to an extent I like it. Plus after a couple of minutes of cooking I didn't even notice it. However 75% of the flat were out and five people entered the flat just as I was finishing. There were lots of complaints. As soon as heads poked into the kitchen I offered the simple explanation: "I fried sardines". More complaints ensued. Then Keith came in with his mouth covered to open all the windows and switch on the air conditioner.


(Oh look, my brother's just come onto MSN)

I've mostly completed my History assignment. I only have a conclusion left to do in my essay and the deadline is 1st December (Friday next week in my mind). But it has a word limit. I'll have to read through it and remove a couple of phrases, I'm certain there are quite a few I can do that with. It honestly was quite a hard essay to do...

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