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The kit bag disappeared sometime last Sunday.

Now referencing something else in my last entry...yes...the essay. It was hard because I had to concentrate to keep to the point and provide enough analysis when comparing one historian's piece of work to another, as well as keeping it all within as few words as possible. I honestly felt myself exerting myself, plus I had to find the right words. But I liked my progress, roughly an hour a day meant getting through a paragraph. And when I say a paragraph I don't mean average paragraphs like the size I prefer and write in in this diary, I mean paragraphs possibly as long as a page. But I didn't do a page an

Anyways, I finished my (German) Literature essay earlier and printed off all my work. My thanks to the people at Information Services for telling me how to access filestore (the Uni has space set aside for copies of work from every student, which is then backed up every night and moved to another space) because it now means that instead of copying and pasting a draft into an email and copying it and re-formatting on a PC before printing...I can simply access a copy already finished and ready to print. Which helps loads with History essays because when you copy an entire essay (not the document) it does not include footnotes-and if you don't have footnotes (or endnotes but I'm not fussed-if a lecturer asks for endnotes I do it if footnotes vice versa) then you instantly lose marks. I'm not bothered to explain why.

So I tried to insert a footnote when I attempted re-formatting my essay (yesterday) but the PCs here insist you use Endnote 9. I could not use it, honestly. Help was no help. So I ended up in a mental rant about how PCs always seemed to be filled with software in which you type stuff in boxes and it programmes everything for you. Might be nice for a lazy dummy but personally I like to do everything myself-even if it includes personally dragging and dropping components of a picture I want to control everything in a document!

So after finishing an essay and printing off all my work I have 25 minutes before a meeting (we're preparing for an MP lobby!) and in an effort to not do anything useful I'm writing this little running-along rant. So since I've talked a bit about my History essay I'll say something about the seminar tutor who will mark it: I think I would have laughed if before coming here someone would show me an email reply from my tutor after I asked whether I should print off 2 copies of my essay.

"Hi. Yes, 2 copies and 2 frontsheets, one for me to mark and give back, and one to go in your file.

By the way, on the subject of questions, is the Christmas Trail rehearsal this Thursday or a week Thursday? I've clean forgotten!

See you on Thursday anyway for choirpractice

Best wishes


Tut tut, such a bad University that when I ask a question I receive an answer with another question. (j/k) (Yes I did answer his question) If you're wondering what he's referring to it's the Toddler's Christmas Trail. It's described a bit like Santa's Grotto when you see Elves scurrying around you and preparing things and then you talk to Santa and he gives you presents. The one that Holy Trinity Church is doing is a Christmas Story version and we've both been drafted in to help. I'm actually quite impressed with the prep-they're bringing in dramatic lighting, basic yet atmospheric costumes and even a real baby to play Jesus^^. I'm going to be Mary in the stable but Huw...he's either Joseph or a Wise Man.

Yes and as you might have noticed I agreed to be choir member and he's also choir master. I told him when we first met I was part of the choir back home and he wondered if I would be willing to help in the Advent Service. Love to! Whether I'll carry on afterwards I'm not sure yet. From a distance away the choir robes looked so grand, but up close they looked so old and the fastenings seemed slightly tatty. Ah well, they're red and the same tone (better than some Churches-you can tell how old some of the robes are by how gone off the colour is) and they are quite smart.

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