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Christmas is about...watching old movies with your Grandma. Seriously. That had been on my mind the last couple of days and the thought was even more provoking by the Queen's Speech earlier-she highlighted the generation gap. You see, on Thursday and Friday (21st and 22nd, for your pref) it was just her and I in the house, so I suggested to her to watch a movie during lunch, which is a continuation of a tradition me and Nathan do when it's the holidays (or just a day off school-course I don't go there any more). I knew we would probably end up watching something old considering the massive library of old movies that Mum has somehow collected but I didn't mind 'cos I've seen old movies before: Casablanca, Metropolis, The Pink Panther, Dr Strangelove and on Wednesday-after I met Grandma-I watched Blazing Saddles. That was damn funny and such a smack in the face to political correctness-even though there was no such thing back in 1974 (not that old then).

The movie we watched on Thursday was 'Garden of Allah'. The story was relatively straight-forward, not particularly exciting, but an awful lot of time passed between each scene, so it kept the movie moving along. Plus we both laughed at the slightly bad acting or unbelievable traits of the various characters. Friday we watched 'Seven Brides for Seven Brothers'. It was actually a musical, but it was very funny. The 'Seven Brothers' though grown up were pretty child-like and were pretty rough, so when Adam the eldest gets married to Millie, she ends up being their mother and teaches them manners and grooming. So the remaining 6 practice their new gentlemanly skills at a fair and fall in love with 6 other girls. Being a musical, there is a happy ending, but for every bad act (by the brothers) there was a repercussion.

Some of my Christmas Day highlights include the phonecall I just got from June (lovely to hear she's happy and well-despite her sniffles), drinking Lambrusco with Christmas Dinner (my favourite wine!), getting Chocolate coins-which I get every year but the fact I only get them once a year somehow makes them more enjoyable, plus I finally passed Level 3 Master's Play on Gitaroo Man for PS2-finally! I was bloody stuck on that level for...4 years. Good grief, that long? I should have sought internet help a long time ago. Ah well. I also ended up with 2 calendars: one with Tiger Art and the other one (from 'Philip', who never actually gives me presents, he just sends Grandma money to buy me one) filled with art by Audrey Beardsley. It's that type of art that's just arty and weird and I don't like it and I even said it was crap. So Nathan said with very slight sarcasm I could've entertained the present-giver 'til she left. (Sorry Grandma)

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