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Today is the last day of lectures...if you have any. Normally I'd have one today but it got cancelled. Anyways, I'm writing this entry now because I highly doubt I'd be arsed to write one tomorrow. The first thing I'll do when I get home is unpack my foodstuffs, then I'll pretty much get out anything essential then download music (as well as flick Music Channels) until dinner of burger and chips. Afterwards the evening will be a myriad of unpacking and playing PS2 with my brother. Or I'll be watching him play MGS: Portable Ops on the PSP.

It's morning right now, and what a pretty morning it is. It's very wet and as with all rainy days the world is enveloped in that grey moisture tinged with blue. The scene depresses a lot of people but I find it makes me feel cosy.

I could hear a lot of activity just now, in my corridor and the flat next door. People are packing and setting their luggage in the right place so that they can just take off when the time comes to go: either to catch a train or bus or get picked up by their parents. Keith, Peter (spelled Piotr-Polish do spell things strangely sometimes) and Raphael had to catch the same train, which left at 7:30 this morning. I said my goodbyes to them last night and this morning I heard them assembling themselves and making good time-shuffling suitcases and locking doors and so on. I must've gone back to sleep afterwards 'cos when I checked the time it was 9am.

When I came out of my shower I was surprised to find cleaners in the flat (a rare occurrence). They were cleaning out the Double Bedroom the Poles used, checked for damage and replaced the sheets. It must have been on their contract to move out by now 'cos otherwise how else would they have known it was empty?

You know, Christmas Day is in just over a week's time but the Christmas atmosphere hasn't reached me yet. In previous years I'd see oversized decorations on front lawns and over-decorated houses with many lights lining the streets from something like end of November, but then the number of decorated houses would multiply. The Christmas mood would immediately catch me and I'd get a bit fed up of expecting to concentrate at school. Not helped by the fact I get bored of Christmas Sale ads from the beginning of November or worse as well as shops that prepare for the Christmas rush as far back as August. But here...well the people of Aberystwyth seem a lot more sensible about the holiday: the street Christmas lights were not put up 'til the end of November (I believe the London Christmas lights get switched on in the middle of the month), the shops you can't control, but I haven't seen one decorated house. If they either don't do that or simply wait 'til nearer the time, then the people here are very good about it.

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