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Back in Aber for a week and I'm reminded why I sometimes get so fed up with some of my flatmates: what's so hard about-after cooking and eating-immediately cleaning and washing up (properly!) and then clearing the drying rack a little later? (Instead of taking more cutlery from your cupboards!) *sigh*

Anyways, just took my German Lit exam. Even though it's Saturday, it doesn't put you off doing an exam, but it is stranger than a High School exam 'cos for one thing, the exam papers here are issued by "The University of Wales, Aberystwyth" and not the JCA or OCR whatever they're called. Plus they squeeze as many modules into one exam room as possible, so instead of waiting in lines everyone was crowded outside the hall before going in. It was about 5 minutes before starting time that we shuffled in and just had to find our seats within our seat number range. Oh yeah, we started a bit late too. But damn, exam conditions in Uni are way more distracting than in High School: before starting we had to fill in our details on this blue form and a couple of minutes in the invigilators collected them. To distract me further an invigilator shifted my papers so he could check I got the table number right. Then there was that stupid open door, which meant you could hear the blowing wind threatening to enter that corridor. Then this rickety old door to a kitchen blew open and kept banging for several minutes. Then after the first hour you get people casually leaving the hall. You see, if you finish early, you leave your paper on your desk and leave, but not if you finish within the last 15 minutes, logic being that loads of people finish within that time so a crowd of leavers will generate a lot of noise.

As to how I did? I think I did pretty well with my first essay but my second one...well, I had to write on how fact and fiction interplay "with reference to at least two stories" (actually I didn't have to, I just chose that question as my second one) and I found I didn't have much to say. I could have said more if I added a third story but I really just wanted to finish as soon as possible so I could leave. That attitude alone probably cost me marks-but that module's only bleatin' 10 credits!

For the moment I'm in a mood in which I'm just avoiding cooking anything. Not that I'm constantly getting take-out and going to Branwen's (although it is tempting) it's just that I'm not cooking proper meals, I'm only doing tinned food and microwaveable pots. Well, now I'm getting a bit more inspiration of what to cook with potatoes, I know that phase will end pretty soon.

So what have I been doing apart from my (tiny amount of) revision? Well, as well as further proof-reading of Goth Story I've been using links from a certain website to watch TV shows. Basically it's a collection of links that go to different websites that have uploaded material (there are about half a dozen). With these I've watched the entire first season of Torchwood, I've almost seen every episode of Supernatural (such a cool show! Not particularly scary, but cool) and I plan to start watching Battlestar Galactica tomorrow. And I plan to be watching more Freakazoid and Biker Mice From Mars later on. How sad, I'm becoming addicted to TV again even though I don't have one. Technology these days! ^^

(Reminder to self, revise German Grammar this week!)

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