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Last night I went to The Bay (Welsh name Y Bae) for the first time. The Dance Music Society held an event called Diversion and advertised the fact that the music it would play was Old Skool, Trance and Hardhouse and they kept to their word. I am so thankful the DMS exist. I remember their stall at the Fresher's Fair (or Fayre as they write here): all they had was a DJ set playing music, their banner and a couple of people with leaflets and a list. The most memorable stall I think.

Anyways, I had such an awesome time! I think I was dancing at least 2 hours straight. I could have just stayed longer and continued dancing but I intended to be on time as a member of the choir this morning so I had to leave. I got there about 10:30. Entrance was £1 cheaper between 10-11pm, of course the tactic of getting more people arriving earlier and getting the party started earlier didn't work. I just saw a couple of stragglers sitting at tables. I was also a bit bummed that the cloakroom wasn't open that night (when and how do they decide to open it?) so I had to fold my coat on this box on the side. I checked the space regularly to make sure no one took it. I didn't take very much, just my doorkey, some coins and my Driver's Licence, except I was never ID'ed. There was also this screen on the dancefloor that showed a bunch of multi-coloured images. They didn't mean anything, they were just supposed to look cool. I remember one succession of scenes involving moving images of a planet's surface. Obviously CGI, but still looked cool. I remember coming in to hear a sped up version of Dire Straits' 'Money For Nothing', the next tune I recognised was 808 by 808 State. Later I heard a familiar sample: took me a while to figure out but it was the guitar riff from 'Sun Always Shines on TV' by A-Ha. Apart from those three, there was no music I had ever heard before. Of course one tune sounded similar to 'Charly' by The Prodigy and another sounded similar to a tune by Sash.

Despite the fact it was a dance event most people were just grouping around the bar. After midnight it got seriously packed and a majority of people finally invaded the dance floor. Until that point, it was mostly me dancing on my own or with a few brave (fit) guys. But hey, no one stared at us as if we were wierd. Cool. I must've been a good dancer 'cos one guy asked if he'd seen me at 'Dance Off'. At least I think that's what he asked me. One annoying thing was people coming onto the dance floor carrying cigarettes. Guys...keep the stench away from me. What was funny was seeing crappy dancing. One guy was doing a weak version of 'The Twist' and I also remember four guys coming onto the floor and dancing, but the shortest one had no clue what to do and stared at the others while vaguely waving his hands. I think he might've also looked a bit scared. Course it was a bit weird being around people who openly admit to taking drugs (why? You don't need them!). One guy asked me if I knew where to get some "E". I said no and he left it at that. But I don't think anyone was taking any there because: 1) I saw nothing in the toilets and 2) there was a harsh sign on the entrance door explaining that random drug searches are carried out and anyone who refuses to be searched will be kicked out. So I felt very safe there.

Mind you, a night club is not a good place to meet new people. You'd think I know that but seriously, the music is so loud it's close to impossible to have a conversation. The only place I could have a conversation was in the toilets (there were only 3 so there was a qeue-ha ha!). I was speaking with two girls I'd never met before (never met each other neither) about silly things and I boasted how long I'd been dancing so she asked if I had taken anything. (I doubt she's a taker-probably just hangs around with them.) I honestly hadn't...come to think of it, she must've asked 'cos of how pale I looked. I was wearing concealer, that's all there is to it.

Thinking of smokers, I couldn't help remember something I found out from Becky during Freshers: she explained to me that a lot of people simply take cigarettes and/or drugs out of curiosity to see what all the fuss is about, since they can't understand how they can be addictive. Becky was one of them and she actually couldn't get hooked on cigarettes, so she stopped. But still, with this revelation in mind (God some people are dumb) all those smoke prevention adverts should change tactics-don't scare people away with horrid deaths, just highlight how silly it is to try something harmful out of curiosity.

Rambling aside, I had a lot of fun last night, even if I did end up with aching feet.^^

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