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Hmm...I was ill last week. Not substantially so. Keith got a nasty cold the weekend before (his drunken habits and bad health made it worse-oh yeah, he gave up smoking! Wuhay!) and Becky and I got snatches of it. Fun. I'm not completely certain how badly it affected her, but as for me?

About Tuesday or thereabouts I was aware of a sore throat. I knew I had caught some of Keith's cold. It was about then I used up the packet of chocolate bars I had and even though I chose to spend my Woolworths vouchers on Easter eggs I avoided them. On Thursday my throat got worse, I actually woke up in the morning with a completely dry mouth and found breakfast hard to swallow. I knew I'd need extra sleep that night, so I was only at the Hiking social for an hour. I had a 9 o'clock lecture Friday morning too.

Now funny thing about that: I turned up on time to find hardly anyone from the Grammar class and while we waited for Inge (the lecturer) to show up we passed the time talking about various things. Rose (a mature student) betted on finding an email once we all got home. After 15 minutes Inge still hadn't showed up, so we left. I just went home, checked my emails and lo and behold! The first ever email directly sent by Inge! (Usually her notices are sent by Jane.) It was sent Thursday night (gah!) explaining that she got a sprained ankle so we don't get any Grammar classes 'til next Friday (this Friday now).

Now Friday I got the cold head on. But it still wasn't bad. I had a bit of a runny nose, bad cough, spongy head, but that's seriously not the worst I ever had. I know when I'm suffering from a bad cold when I'm sleepy. I had lunchtime lectures (God I hate those) so I got a pasty from The Underground, which was a good idea because then I could get a big bottle of Apple Juice to take around with me after I finished said pasty. (Why on Earth is Apple Juice more expensive than Coke or Oasis?) David, giving his Welsh History lecture, went by so fast I had to type quick and got a bit of a headache. I was able to drink whenever he re-iterated or backtracked per request. Robert, the lecturer for the American module, is a lot slower, in fact I was sometimes looking for notes to jot down. So I got through that okay. By evening I had recovered quite a bit and cooked my own dinner (Steak and Kidney Pie with veg). Later on I felt wonderful.

The Cold was pretty much gone when I woke up Saturday morning, and now I only suffer from occasional coughing. Man I'm hungry. I'm gonna go cook some faggots.

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