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3am. A key time to remember when living here (Flat 17 Cwrt Mawr). Why is that? Well that's the time that often my flatmates-after a big night out-come in drunk/hyper, cause quite a bit of noise-waking me up in the process-but then quickly say their good nights, I hear a couple of door slams and then silence. I don't mind those moments because I can then-and do-fall right back to sleep. It's the other moments I don't like. One being Keith going into the Poles' room and then chatting to them quite loudly and it's not usually 'till 3am that he leaves and they go to bed. A lot of the time, Eric joins them as well and one time Andy went in. Please note that this moment doesn't actually happen that often because if they do this on a weekday, the Poles often kick them out before midnight so that they can get up for an early lecture the next day, or perhaps someone else has a lecture to go to (or in Keith's case, an essay to complete-he likes to work at night).

The second moment happens more frequently: Last night was the Poles' last night here before going back to Poland to complete their course and then graduate. Now I should have known there'd be some kind of party in the kitchen; a party in the kitchen happens whenever there's something to celebrate and that particular tradition happened to start with my birthday. (Funny that my flatmates stayed up later than I did that day.) The kitchen sees an awful lot of late nights but not necessarily parties in which loud music is played, making the people loud and eating/drinking of sugary snacks makes them hyper. I was kept awake for 2 hours listening to this, but then about 1:30 or so, the music got shut off, it got quieter and I heard Keith talking about needing to go to bed. So I thought: Thank God, they did it earlier than usual. But then Becky had to go and ruin it by talking to Raphael in the corridor about dating issues or something-I dunno what they were talking about. I put up with it for almost half an hour but then I forced my grumpy self to the door and grunted angrily at them for being noisy. I noticed them (Becky especially) looking apologetic as I closed my door. They went into the kitchen after. In the meantime I could hear Keith and Peter (or Piotr as he appears to spell it) talking quietly in the Poles' double room. Yeah that's right, Keith was supposed to've been in bed already. That boy has no sense of control.

At 2:40 everyone finally shut up and I went to sleep a couple of minutes after.

Now I have forgiven them all, I tend to do that quite easily when I wake up in the morning. But at the time I was just so grumpy. But here's something that happened just before 21:00: Peter came in with a camcorder to record me speaking and such. While still recording Raphael and Eric came in and the first thing Eric said was *grin/chuckle*: "Oh my gosh! You have Kill Bill!"

lol Yes, I've got Kill Bill-the 2 volume disc set (Christmas Present). I'd love to loan it to Eric but he doesn't have anything to play the DVDs on. Speaking of presents: I remember it to be the 15th January when the Poles returned after Christmas and they had presents for...everyone I think. They got me a brand of Polish sausage called Krakus. There were 7 and they were delicious! ^^

Oh yes and before I go, Nathan and Sajida keep demanding I mention them more often. So Nathan and Sajida...well there you go, I've mentioned you, what else d'you want me to do? (No Nathan, I'm still not using your mouse, my touch pad is more fun to use!) But hey, since I've mentioned you two, how about I mention all my other friends?

June: My wonderful best friend, I hope your project is going alright at Uni.
Sophie aka Sofia: You cutie evil stalker you! I wish you were here so I could have you on my lap and I could call you kitten^^.
Eleanor: Please don't squeeze the life out of me and lift me up for a minute when I next see you! It tells a great story but let's just keep it to once, shall we?
Luka: The very opinionated but smexy friend of mine (who was also my Year 11 Ball Date-I was so happy when you said yes (to agreeing, not marriage)!)
Rich: Who I still think of even though I haven't talked to you in ages
David: A very old friend who-until last Friday-I hadn't talked to in 7 years. Golly that's almost my entire teenage life! We should stay in contact now.
Oh yes, and a hello to everyone at the Hiking Society (including Ben-I should seriously add you as a friend on Facebook) as well as at the Mountaineering society, especially (one of the many) Sarah(s) and Lindsay-inspection next week. I hope your flat isn't too mucky so you could do less cleaning after your flatmates.

What I don't get is why I was even addressing some of the people listed above, I don't expect at least half of them to even be reading this...

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