Ruth's Diary


This week, I found out what happened to Robert (the American History lecturer): he slipped on the ice and broke his leg. His first lecture for a matter of weeks was today. And his seminar groups resume next week-he even sent us our next assignment, which I completed earlier. And regarding the missed lectures, he sent us the notes for them, too. However our Welsh lecture got cancelled earlier. David strolled in 5 minutes late and explained that the floppy disk he was holding contained his printouts and lecture notes, but just moments before he had sent them to the staff office printer, which is broken and as he put it: "in pieces all over the floor". I can only shake my head, I mean, the campus has dozens of printers; if he'd printed the sheets off earlier, he could've gone to the next nearest printer when that one broke.

BUNAC sent me an envelope earlier containing forms and instructions on how to apply for the American Visa (I'm enrolled in a Summer Camp programme by the way). Damn is it tedious. I have to fill in a contacts form and the main application. I knew that I had to go in myself to get the Visa but I didn't realise that you had to book an interview for it. It's on a premium line too, which means calling the embassy for an interview will cost £1.20 a minute. So I sent Mum a detailed email with instructions on what to do. Oh yeah, the cost of a Visa application is $100! Which is roughly £50-almost the price of my (UK) passport. Then I'm expected to pay £13.50 for the courier service to deliver my Visa and the passport I'll have to give to them. (I'm seriously hoping I don't have to pay for my medical-it's NHS, why should I have to?) Boy aren't the Americans pricey...and suspicious. Not only will I have to get my fingerprints scanned, but they won't grant a Visa to anyone who's been arrested, even if they are cleared.

And another thing to complain about...I decided I want faggots for dinner, so I go to Co-op to buy some and while I notice they're rearranging the frozen food isle, I find there are no faggots anywhere! I hope they reappear soon! \_/

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