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The faggots have reappeared in Co-op. (Yippee!)

Right, um... *drums fingers* Not too sure what to talk about now. Well, I just got back from the Student Lunch that the Vicar and his wife held (aka Ian and Judith Aveson-free food!! Thankyou!!!) It was nice because their house is big and nice and we had our lunch on place mats and before food was served, we said Grace. I have not done that since the last Sunday I was home. It was strange though because the Grace was the same as my Mum's (I think) so I half expected the tradition that Nathan, Dad and I do when-after the Grace-we hold each other's hands and go "Gesegnet der Mahlzeit". (Not too sure I spelt it right) And yes, the tradition is German. Roast lamb was served at Lunch (yummy!!! My favourite) but instead of Mint Sauce they had Mint Jelly-which was gorgeous.

Before hand it was Huw (the Choir master) playing the organ for the service. He prefers to avoid doing so because he modestly admits that he messes up everything. He wasn't that bad, but he said that the main thing he could focus on was the choir singing everything correctly. It's a funny picture: the organ following the choir.

Hm, I'm going backwards, well I'll just carry on. I saw Eragon with Matt yesterday (yeah, I made a new friend a couple of weeks ago) and er...well it was an utter disappointment. I'm glad Matt enjoyed it, but...well what they did was take the original story of the book and make an alternate version of the plot. That's not bad in itself, but an amateurish attempt was made to insert the suspense points. That and they removed entire characters. THEY TOOK OUT THE MEERCAT! THE MEERCAT!!! *bawls eyes out in shame*

Continuing backwards, it was St David's Day Thursday 1st March. For lunch that day, I got a Roast Lamb meal with mint sauce. Yum. Judith's cooking was better though-but then, what kind of quality can you honestly expect from a canteen that has £3.20 as its most expensive price? It's better than shop canteens, that's for sure. (Definitely better than my High School canteen.)

Several people have been uploading episodes of Never Mind The Buzzcocks on Youtube, so I've been able to enjoy all the shows with Simon Amstell. There are people who reckon he's funnier than Mark Lamarr-Nathan included...well, personally I can't compare. They're both funny but they're both different. Mark was angry all the time and hated everybody, as well as despairing the stupid answers he sometimes got from the contestants. Simon is very laid back and cheeky and prefers to mock the stupid answers-with hilarious results. ^^

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