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Man...2 weeks since the last entry. Well I did have 3 essays plus a PDP (Progress Development Plan) to deal with. Since I've finished it all, I'm in good spirits^^. (Damn it's noisy in this building-the fact that random students are howling throughout this block is a clear enough sign the end of term is nigh-ah! student life...yes I'm in my dorm). I'm going home this Friday-yes I do technically have lectures but I wanted to have the first day in my house on Saturday. David (Welsh lecturer) said in last Friday's lecture how numbers have been dropping in lectures recently (I noticed, considering it was the first lecture after the essay deadline. He's not the most popular lecturer since he keeps going too fast and some people thinks he spews garbage (only figuratively) and I'm guessing that to work on their essays was many people's excuse for not turning up) and he expected everyone this Friday. Although in his seminar earlier he sounded rather tentative and anxious, hoping we were there. To be honest, I'm regretting the fact that I'll miss his lecture this Friday 'cos it's on 18th Century education in Wales and I'm interested in that. Oh well. I'm quite certain at least half the class will turn up since they typically live 3-4 hours drive away max (can just go to the lecture then drive away after). I on the other hand have an 8-hour coach trip ahead of me, including a 45 minute wait at the London Coach Station for the one to take me to Wallington-provided it's not delayed like last time-shouldn't be, considering it'll be congestion-charge timezone. Plus he can't say anything about me, I haven't missed a lecture! ...'til this Friday.

The PS3 was finally released in the UK last Friday 23rd (YAY!) and considering Nathan had it delivered on the day, I'm looking forward to playing on it and beholding the holy sight. He actually sent me an email on Saturday night talking about what the downloaded (legally-I think he had to pay) PS3 version of Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection was like as well as the console in general: he was absolutely raving about it. Though I got confused yesterday when he sent me a long paragraph of an email explaining his idea for a stipulation. I should explain this here: since about Tekken 4 or 5 (not completely certain when this started) we always found a way (there's a crowd shouting now-where the hell are they going?) to make VS mode more interesting. At first it was just using the random square or having laser fights with both of us having Devil Jin (that was prepostorous!!!). From Soul Calibur 3 we had proper stipulations, basically the amount of rounds you win before you lose, you get subtracted, but if you win the entire battle, you have to start with 3 rounds and this we did until the last person on one of our 'teams' was defeated. Then we found more interesting ones. (Last holiday Nathan wanted to try out our best characters on Slip-Out to determine our numbers for the team.) The thing is, lodged in that paragraph was a completely complicated system I swear he was rambling-and Nathan doesn't ramble. He just doesn't. You'd better explain it to me better this Friday otherwise I won't do it!

Considering the end of term is so near we're now in the phase of using up all necessary food, like bread and milk. I needed some more bread last Sunday so I went to the Co-op after having lunch and as is typical, practically all the white bread was gone. At the hotel I worked I discovered that soft brown bread made decent toast. So until I used up my milk (and butter-both were finished this morning) I was eating brown toast. Considering I still need to use up the brown bread my lunch and snacks are pretty much plain brown toast. Can't complain: brown toast is a healthy snack.

The weather last weekend: OH that was gorgeous. I was with the Conservation Volunteers out all day last Saturday and it was lovely-not a cloud in the sky. Wasn't quite warm though. It was sunny again on Sunday, not until Monday was it properly sunny and warm. Earlier it's gotten chillier again, but according to my weather predicter I can expect cloudy yet coat-less weather tomorrow and sunny weather on Thursday, while Friday will be chilly. Especially at the time in the morning I'll have to leave my flat. According to the BBC London will be seeing rain on Friday. Ha! So what? It'll only be a light shower, nothing compared to the absolute hurricanes I've experienced up here in good ol' Aber!

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