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I'm home. Have been since 30th March. I got to experience such joys as a choir presence required for a wedding, which means MONEY! (£5, but I need all I can get) And I was in the choir for the Palm Sunday service. Attendance was unusually low. I also got a free packet of cakes (Cadbury's Mini Egg Nests) after helping serve refreshments at The Crucifixion during the Interval. However I didn't know Mum was doing it, possibly the only reason I was helping.

I had to get my US Visa approved yesterday. I don't feel like complaining how long it took or praising the general good humour and niceness of the staff, but I will say how odd it was that the US Embassy-unlike most other embassies including German, Dutch, Thai, Indian and several others-was in its own unique embassy building. Standing all on its own and looking splendid.

The main joy was beholding the magnificent Playstation 3. I haven't played Resistance but that's because it's a (mostly) 1 Player game and Nathan's close to completing it. I'm having fun just watching him (even though I get too involved and move about in excitement and desperation to see more of the level 'cos Nathan never keeps still or smooth with his vision). And...Nathan's laughing at me as I write this. Anyhoo, Motorstorm is relatively fun. A race but also has plenty of carnage, sort of like Burnout but nowhere near as fast. Neither of us really play it so much, it's just a pick-up-and-play for roughly 30 minute or hour kinda game. Then Nathan decided to download (for £7) an arcade version of Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection. That's fun, especially after I finally started fighting on par with Nathan (as in, I'm, as good as he is-almost). Never thought I'd be so good with Lili, Dragunov or Kazuya...

Go Tekken! (Still not as good as Soul Calibur III-I've decided it is now the new king of beat-em-ups)

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