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Tuesday last week, Sophie and Eleanor came round. And a lovely time we had too. Can't help but wonder if I was being too bossy over what we did (I decided what to do on my computer, what we saw, what movie we watched, when we had lunch bla bla bla) but I don't think I should feel too bad, considering they never objected. There were a couple of occasions when Eleanor suddenly insisted on showing me something on Youtube. All the stuff she showed me was good. I saw the Pirates of the Caribbean 3 trailer and she also showed me that song: "They're taking the hobbits to Isengard". It's really funny. Type it in Youtube and enjoy.

Sajida would've also come round but considering her AS Level mock grades were pretty much all Cs she decided to not go out at all this holiday and spend her time working and revising. She's under so much pressure-not only is there bountiful work to do for her subjects but she's trying to go to School of Dentistry, and that's very competitive. I talked to her last night, since she reads every one of these I'll say hello. (Hello Sajida. GET BACK TO WORK! >| lol) Anyways, she sounds mostly fine, morale a bit low, bet she's looking forward to July, when she doesn't really have to do anything. Also quite jealous of Sophie and Eleanor since they're in Year 10 and don't do work between holidays. Me? Course I've been working during the holidays. There just wasn't tons to do...

Earlier I listened to the "Ballet or the bullet" speech by Malcolm X. Damn he's a good speaker. I also thought he was good looking, but I can only wonder how he'd react to that-or me at all if we met in real life. If you're wondering why, listening to his speech is part of my seminar prep for American History.

Anyway...going back to Tuesday, my US Visa arrived. I was surprised it came back so quickly, I suppose the rate slows down nearer Summer though. It's got my picture and numbers and DOB and it has a particular shape and was stuck into a page in my passport. I just couldn't stop admiring it for the first few days. Weird innit? Admiring a visa. It's just a document to prove my work eligibility. But it looks so smart. And it's the first time I've had a page in my passport marked by anything. At all. You know why? Because I've never travelled anywhere outside the EU. At least it's EU rather than UK. Yeah, and relating to going to the USA this Summer (have I said why? I'll be working at a Summer Camp, in case you didn't know), Sajida finds my departure date daft 'cos it's a few days before her last exam. So I can't celebrate with her and she won't be able to spend much time (if at all) with me. I'll just have to remember to take pictures of all those funny-catchphrase T-Shirts, just for her.

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