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Arrived back at Aber last Saturday. Went by coach, just like how I got down to London at the beginning of the holiday and how I travelled to and fro at Christmas. It was lovely and sunny when I arrived and was surprised by the fact the coach arrived an hour early. Oh well, it meant I could do things at a slower pace than last time. Last time I had to rush to put anything in the fridge if it needs to, get essentials from Co-op, then get my chips. The thing that made me rush was the chips because the 'chippy' closes at 20:30 most days. TOO FLIPPIN' EARLY!

I added 3 edited chapters to Goth Story. It's currently quite easy to edit, simply because I'm reading the parts of the story that don't need an overhaul. Considering this term won't be so busy, there should be gradual updates...hopefully.

And I'm hoping neither Mum nor Dad notice I left my German folder back in my London bedroom. Whoops. Makes me glad I revised my grammar during Easter, since the grammar sheets are the most vital thing in there. But if I do need to check grammar, I'll just visit

I went to the doctor's today. No I didn't see one, I just went to the surgery I'm registered with. As to why, I won't go into until I've seen a doctor (don't wanna spend too long on this-got other things to do-like buy food!) but Nathan was insistent. Yes, I followed Nathan's orders even though he's 200 miles away. If I didn't, I can easily imagine email bombards. But anyway, I went to the surgery because I wasn't sure what to do. Problem 1: I've never gone on my own before (the last time I ever went to see a doctor was when I was 13 and who knows when before that-I'm that damn healthy). Problem 2: When I last went to a doctor Mum made an appointment about a week before, but since then there was the introduction of that daft law that GPs had to be available within 48 hours. So with this surgery the system is make an appointment on the day you want to visit. Nice and simple. Too bad that couldn't be explained on the info sheet given to every student regarding local surgeries. (I'm also quite certain I mumbled because the receptionist had trouble hearing-I was that unsure of what to do. However I was consciously looking vulnerable-I find grown-ups are nicer to me when I do that.)

Now the particular surgery I'm registered at is called Church Surgery. The reason is self-explanatory: the surgery is a converted church building. I suppose it raises the slight question of if it's a good idea to convert holy buildings, but converting is surely better than demolishing. Churches are traditionally well-built and throughout most of history were considered the gems of contemporary architecture. What they're converted to can be questionable. An NHS surgery is a good thing, since it offers free healthcare. However one converted Church is known here as 'Academy', a trendy and pretty cool-looking bar. I'm quite certain a house in the Devon village of Parracombe is a former chapel.

Right, off to buy food and a cleaning agent. (Flash wipes, they're great stuff.)

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