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Today the Fair Trade Forum took place. The motive was basic-get some tangible proof of student support for University Fair Trade Status. So it had a simple format-get some speakers, then open it to the floor for questions/statements, then have the floor (students who turn up) vote if they want Fairtrade University Status. It happened as planned pretty much, the vote was even a unanimous yes, but more people could've come! I even knew 2 people who were keen on coming-they must've forgot. Grrrr! Didn't help the speakers were late-or Ben Gray our Union President didn't show up for a while-and he was meant to be playing host. But it went smoothly once it started: 25 minutes late. Oh well.

Now despite having been at Uni for...*counts* about 6 and a half months and having joined 5 societies...I haven't got a single piece of Uni gear. Well that changed today. I've got me a soft, red (no surprises there) hoodie. Why? Well, at first I didn't bother 'cos hoodies from the union shop cost £20+ but with my trip to the USA drawing near, I thought it would be good to bring a Uni hoodie along to parade my pride in my Uni at various places on the continent. I just seriously want to laugh at their attempts to figure out how to pronounce Aberystwyth. I also bought it now since I had misjudged in which clothes to bring back up here with me and so I have a shortage in suitable tops to wear with my tracksuit bottoms. You see, right now the weather is as such that it's sunny everyday but not truly warm unless the time is somewhere between 11:30 and 5pm.

Tomorrow Wales have the elections for the Welsh Assembly. At first I thought to not vote since I'm not local, have no idea what kinds of policies affect people here (that's since changed with the various manifestos and flyers appearing) and a vote of a non-local student is not representative of the proper Welsh nation. All I'd do is vote-out of bias-for the Liberal Democrats. But then I got a polling card. (Why not vote?) Then noticed I'm sent to a polling station more than 30 minutes walk away (Not gonna vote if I have to walk that far). Surely there's a closer one? But now I have a Lib Dem sticker stuck to my flat front door (put it there after Student Lib Dems knocked on the door offering one). I'm still confused, however still preferring the Lib Dem policies to Plaid Cymru's (they're the 2 main contenders here-no one else poses much of a challenge). I'll see what happens. I bet there'll be a polling station near Co-op somewhere.

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