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I was hoping to put here an amusing picture, but the Hiking Society's website picture-wise hasn't yet been updated. They haven't put in any pics/details from the trip before that either. Hopefully Kristin will do a better job of updating next year. Yes, committee elections have been happening within the Hiking Society (most societies actually) and the new committee will be named at the meal tomorrow. I'm going for secretary, which is the only position being contested for. I don't think I'm going to win-I truly believe Alan is more liked and respected than me.

Anyway, did I vote for the Welsh Assembly elections? Yes I did. What put me off was the distance, but then I was surprised to get an email from the candidate John Davies himself telling us about lifts to the Llanbadarn polling station available from Porter's Lodge. It wasn't a personal email btw, he'd sent it to all students living in on-campus halls. So I took the available lift and voted. Yay! Though I doubt it helped the Lib Dems increase their power base much.

Now something quite shocking has happened. You remember Robert Harrison? My lecturer for American Studies? He's a very nice man and he's very good at making us figure out things in Seminars. He also has that 'grandfather' smile. Know the one? When an old man gives a bright smile and makes you feel warm, fuzzy and proud inside? Well you've probably noticed I'm reminiscing him as if he died. Well whaddayathink happened? I haven't seen him at all since before Easter 'cos he fell ill with something (the staff know what but they're not allowed to reveal illnesses) and then I get an email from the History Head saying that he died last Sunday.

No matter how sad a student may feel, it's the staff that will suffer more-re-division of marking, designation of extra staff to help students revise as well as other kinds of paperwork I find hard to imagine. Oh yeah, they're gonna need to find a replacement expert on American History. Do that in a matter of months? That'll be hard for anyone.

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