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So er...what to write about this time? (Apart from my revived fanaticism for Reboot.) Well I could just talk about what I got up to this week.

During the day of Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday I was 'camera assistant' on the various sets for an amateur period drama shoot. Not too sure what to say about it because to give away details would lead me to write a short essay. I freely admit that I felt bad about cocking up some things, don't want to say what since explanations will take at least a long paragraph. But I will also say I enjoyed the experience. ^^

It was on Wednesday night I went to the Hiking Society end of year meal. There the new committee was announced and prizes were awarded. As I predicted, I didn't get secretary, but I did get an award :D. I got the consistent member award for consistently turning up to socials and walks. It's also on the same certificate (got a box of chocolates too!) that I was named in my own sub-category: I got the ear-muff award. I get the feeling that's gonna be forever my gimmick in the society. Yup, that's what joining societies are all about: getting daft prizes. A second Alan in the society got the most easily forgotten award at the Christmas meal 'cos he was abandoned at a pub on the second walk. Poor guy. I can't wait to show my parents the certificate.

At that meal, the tables were arranged in a J shape. I sat on an end with 4 other guys and we all managed to get through 4 bottles of wine that evening (3 of them 5-they naturally had to pay more). One guy in particular, James, seemed proud that we had drunk the most of the assembled members; most bunch of people only ordered 1 more bottle.

I had my German Oral (ergo, my first exam) on Thursday morning. I was fortunate at getting the topic I wanted out of the 4 I had to prepare: I had to prepare a presentation about a person, a town, a language and jobs. I got the language and talked about Japanese. Alex seemed to enjoy listening to me (he's my conversation Lektor).

The Uni had the May Ball on Friday. I didn't go, mainly because the musical acts didn't interest me too highly and the tickets are almost £40. Fair enough May Ball tickets aren't meant to be cheap but that's a serious rip-off price. But when I woke up that morning, I had forgotten that was the day of the Ball simply because it was so grey and cloudy. Throughout the rest of the day there was an awful lot of rain. Now this was the first day that week that I wasn't expected to leave the flat, which I enjoyed. But around 5pm I wasn't just hungry but suddenly yearning for company. 5 people from the flat went to the Ball, Amber was going out later, but I noticed Eric was in, considering I could hear music from his room.

I asked him what his plans were and he explained he was going to a German Meal. I perked up at hearing that and got curious. He explained it was being done by a member of the Christian Union. So I went along with him to Pentre Jane Morgan (often shortened to PJM) the student village and met the cook hosting this meal. His name was Markus, from Dresden. Now the thing with Eric is that he grew up in Austria, so he was greeted in German and I was introduced in German and we all had a big 3-way German conversation. Markus was somewhat surprised that Eric and I continued to pass each other comments in English: that was when he found out we tend to speak to each other in English. But yeah, the meal was good, I met good people and I really enjoyed the apple crumble-I had 2 helpings! As a result Markus invited me (in German-out of everyone who turned up us 3 were the only German speakers) to 2 other Christian Union events being held in the coming weeks. I told him I'd think about it, considering I don't usually go to the Christian Events concerning thinking about Jesus. Religious discussion doesn't really interest me.

But even though I say that I have noticed I'm engaged in more religious discussions this year than I ever have before-be they about religious impact on a society, how co-existence is possible or in 1 case, a heated discussion with Amber about God's views on homosexuality as stated in the Bible. Considering she actually bothers to study the book she knows an awful lot of what it says in there-putting me to shame.

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