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My cooking things are often borrowed by other people. As long as they clean them I don't mind. For some reason though I get strangely urked when people use things that I had just washed. As in, I put them in the drying rack, I come back later to put them away but I find them either being used or used. Doesn't happen often, but I found it so strange on Monday to enter the kitchen to find Amber and her friend Kate (doesn't live in this flat-comes here 'cos her one's manky) cooking and Kate was using the serving spoon to stir something in the frying pan. What was she doing? It was just hilarious. I got out my fish slice for them to use and got out a teaspoon to dig out the tuna from the tin (they were also attempting to use the serving spoon to get the tuna out-bad idea). Don't worry, serving spoon is clean and intact.

Now it's the 20th day that Madeleine has been missing (she's probably dead-90% of people who have been missing for a long time tend to end up dead). I went to Lidl yesterday and there was a poster asking for any information about Madeleine's disappearance. Why was there one of those posters in Aberystwyth? Why would anyone in an isolated town on the far West Coast of Wales 4 hours from the nearest (Birmingham) airport know anything about an incident in Portugal? The locals of Aberystwyth don't typically just go to Europe for the weekend! If people went on weekend trips, they either go to Birmingham or Cardiff or just drive to a campsite or B&B in the middle of a field. It's honestly a daft place to put the poster!

On another random note: I miss talking to June! I don't miss June, simply because we send each other messages on Facebook and talk on MSN (or aMSN on my computer), but at home I'm always on the phone. Next time we talk, I might suggest going on Skype. I miss her voice.

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