Ruth's Diary


Some of my flatmates have been reading this diary and they told me that my comments about Aberystwyth-dwellers' weekend travel habits were stereotypical and even bordered on racism. Well I obviously didn't mean to cause any offence but since when was commenting on particular holiday habits stereotypical or racist? That's going overboard isn't it? They always do surveys of particular holiday habits in an area or country. Besides, I'm not making it up, it's what I've deduced from people's conversations.

Now the real reason I put this entry up is because I've finished editing Goth Story and uploaded the final chapter today! YAY! (Funny that whatever I do with Goth Story tends to get completed in the summer.) So Sajida, if you're reading this, you'll know you have a full story to read and criticise. Hope you enjoy^^. And I'm hoping that's the last of the drastic changes.

I think I'll just go and watch Azumi 2 now...

(No more revision! I finished my final exam this morning!!!) :D

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