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Tomorrow I'm off to the US. And for the first time ever-before a journey that is-I'm feeling some sort of apprehension. Partly because I don't want to leave anything behind (so paranoid of this am I that I'll be checking I have everything before I go to bed) but partly...well...

Journeys on my own don't really bother me. I've travelled on the train by myself, most recently the coach. I was even on my own at 14 when I went to South Germany by plane. But for the first time ever I'm visiting a completely different/detached continent to Europe. I'm also not staying with a friend or family. It's to a Summer Camp after all. The other reason for my apprehension is that I'll be spending a large amount of money on holiday for the first time and also because BUNAC gives lots of warnings (safety warnings, theft warnings, that kind of thing). The warnings make me edgy and I wonder if my simple policy of 'just being very careful' will be good enough. But on the other hand, whenever I've travelled nothing seems to have ever happened. (Considering the current security arrangements at UK airports this could very well change.) Thinking about that there was that time that my family were on a severely delayed plane, we didn't get to our hotel in Leipzig until after midnight. Apart from that and train delays nothing major has ever happened. Oh except that time in Berlin in a train station somewhere when someone released tear gas-he wasn't a terrorist or attacking it was just released. Tear gas is not pleasant.

I'm not too sure how often I'll be able to update on here. I don't know if I'll be able to connect to the server from over there (in theory I can but who knows if the camp has a strict firewall?) and I'll be preferring to email a grand number of people updates of my trip so far.

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