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Right...I've been here for 4.5 days now. My room looks a bit crowded, but the main reason is that most of the stuff I kept in my dorm is now kept in my bedroom. Now I haven't gotten round to writing this 'cos I haven't thought about it, so I'll just go over a couple of key points that happened since Thursday.

For one thing, my parents didn't arrive until after 12pm. They came in, assessed what needed to be done (also inspected my screwdriver set since Großmutter's glasses were slowly falling apart and Dad needed a decent small screwdriver to fix them) and then we all realised we were hungry. We ate Lunch in the Arts Centre, but we wouldn't have stayed there so long if it hadn't rained. First we taped and filled the 2 storage boxes. Once that was done Dad decided to drive them down to Penbryn, then drive back up and have the boot filled with the rest of my things. Good idea really. The 2 boxes were filled and when put in the boot...there was only space left for books. (I would know since I went with him, directed him to Penbryn foyer and lifted one of the boxes to the storage room-a porter was sent for but for Health and Safety reasons they're not allowed to lift the boxes themselves, kinda silly but that particular porter didn't appear to definitely have the strength to lift either of the boxes, so fair enough.) Once all my suitcases and so on were put in the boot everything was filled to shelf-level. I reckon half my stuff was left behind. Not bad really.

Now I don't really want to go over all the details of the Anniversary weekend: so much stuff happened I would have to write an essay on it. But I can say I liked meeting Ernie (the best man) and struck a friendship with his daughter Kayleigh-same age as me. I also got to practice my German with the Grandparents/Großeltern (course Großvater is my only remaining grandfather now) and they marveled at my fluency. I even had an interesting chat with Großvater and found out amazing things about his childhood. For instance, his earliest memory is the celebration of Hitler becoming Chancellor, though he wasn't aware of it at the time. It was also nice seeing Dad's parents talking to Mum's um...parent. (Mum in fact.) Kinda sad my English cousins couldn't make it though, would've been interesting to see my 2 sets of cousins interact. Ah well. The Anniversary cake was a sponge cake with icing-my favourite. We actually came home with the remaining half of the cake-that's how big it was.

Since then it's been both busy and relaxing: as in I have nothing to do and yet I have several things to do each day. On one day we were trying to track down my medical records (found them, they were in my new surgery after all, daft) and on another I was sorting out getting my dollars and traveller's cheques (also in dollars-duh). One time I was even ringing BUNAC since my flight itinerary hadn't arrived yet. It arrived this morning, but that was the reposted one. (The other one seems to have vanished in the postal system...). I now know exactly which airport to go to, what time, what airline. At first the airline didn't seem too important, but each airline has its own baggage restriction-important to find out in this time of heightened security in airports.

I've also been scheduling when to see friends. June I saw on Tuesday, after accompanying her to an interview we saw Pirates of the Caribbean 3. Awesome movie, but its length made the cinema decide to provide an interval. (According to Eleanor, her one did it too, so it must be being done everywhere. Funny that no interval was given during Lord of the Rings.) Sajida I'm seeing tomorrow. FINALLY! I haven't actually seen her since New Year's Day. June I've seen once already, at least twice back in Easter and at least 3 times during Christmas. Sophie and Eleanor I've seen at least once every holiday, although I'm starting to have doubts about whether I'll be able to see them before going to the US or not. We'll see.

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