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Ah, so nice to have the links back to normal.

There are good things and bad things about having teenage boys as dishwashers: 1) (from an admin point of view) they're cheap. 2) They're pretty energetic and get the work done pretty quickly. 3) They're more joyful/entertaining than grumpy adults. The bad thing is that they're not always thorough in their dish-cleaning. Sometimes I go through the serving dishes/bowls (to put in strawberries or whatever) and find something like broccoli remnants.

There's also a strange girl somewhere on this camp...Monday last week we ran out of prepared hard-boiled eggs. I decided that since the dining hall was moving onto dessert I wasn't bothered to get the bucket out of the big walk-in dairy fridge and cut more eggs into halves. So when a waittress came along asking for "2 eggs" I told her we ran out. That was the last order we had for the entire night...except for when Bobbie came along (she's the camp director). She wanted to make certain there were none left since she looked very surprised. I told her the truth-the entire bluntness of it. She calmly told me that "I've got a kid who won't eat anything but that and I need her to eat something". What the hell? Children have such strange eating habits sometimes...

In case you're wondering, I did get her the eggs. I had to since the camper refused to eat anything else. I preferred taking a bowl and dropping in 2 uncut eggs straight from the fridge they're kept in. Course I can't do that normally-I'd get way too stressed.

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