Ruth's Diary


What I can't help but marvel at is my knack at befriending rich kids. Sajida was the first. If there weren't so many people in her family her Dad would be super-rich. Already he's earning enough to provide for 6 children, a large house, he's personally paying for tuition and University expenses of his 2 eldest children and at random times decides that the family must travel to Saudi Arabia. They don't live glamorously or richly or anything like that but they're definitely comfortable.

It's a good story how we met: first, when I was in Year 7, I met sisters Saba and Saima randomly on a bus when I went home. They were only a year apart and Saba is older than me by 2 years. So over the next 2 years I saw her every so often, usually in the school library. Now when I was in Year 9-2 years on-and the school year was still beginning (dunno when in September but this did happen in September) I found Saba reading a magazine in the library. We were having a conversation and then a little girl randomly appeared (and I could tell she was in Year 7 by her height alone). Saba grew quite annoyed and told her to go away and told me: "Oh yeah, that's just my cousin." I also remember her saying something about weirdo or some such. But as the year went on, it was the little girl that was in the library every day and not Saba (it wasn't ever Saba). So we got talking and enjoyed our conversations. I don't think it was until November that we realised we didn't know each other's names. I don't think it was until December I properly knew her name was Sajida.

The April after that I met Young Min. He's Korean, has a little brother and and went to a Private School. That screams rich parents. We met at fencing and the reason we got talking was because he was the first opponent I could do a 'flesh' against (I know it's not spelt that way, but basically it's a running attack). I was thanking him for letting me do it. Anyway, we haven't really kept in contact since he went to Cambridge. (We're 4 years apart-probably not good for a friendship only 2 years old.)

When I was 15 I went to a 1-Hit-Epee contest in the summer. There I met Luka. He was one of the lefties I was able to beat (yay!), but shortly before that, I saw him taking chocolate from a vending machine and said to him: "Has anyone ever told you you look like Anakin Skywalker?". His answer? "No" That's possibly the daftest way to start a friendship but...yeah. He also went to a private school and is an only child.

And just a couple of weeks ago, I met Ary. She's not at all spoilt (very good upbringing, her parents gave her) but...and this makes her the richest kid I met...not only has she come to this camp every year for 10 years but her private school cost more than her University (that she'll be starting this year). I first saw her dripping, in towels, peeking out of the shower, but only 'cos I was talking to Lisa in the room they share. Some days later she was wearing a silver-white wig and that started a conversation. (SHE WENT TO OTAKON!!!) The wig was part of a cosplay suit in which she impersonates a guy from Naruto called Kabuto.

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