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Today was unusual: for the first time ever, we actually ran out of eggs ie. there were no buckets left in the fridge.

We're currently running low on most things, but the eggs were one of the things that were dangerously low. There were only a certain amount left so for lunch (not many are asked for at breakfast) we had 2.5 trays prepared. When they ran out, we had to tell every waittress with a request for them they were completely gone-not that they appeared to mind, meant one less thing to carry I suppose. But in time for dinner, Hernan came along with an unopened bucket he fetched from Airy. Now some of the eggs inside that bucket were rather strange. One egg (I think it took at least 10 minutes to find all the pieces) somehow fell apart inside the bucket, so it broke apart in half and the yoke neatly fell out. Also the eggs sometimes have a white spot in the middle of the yoke: this means that had the egg not been cooked a chick would have been born. One I chopped had a dark circle the size of an end of my finger-that is the most advanced dead embryo I have ever seen in an egg. I didn't think it right to serve that egg-it was a bit too obvious that something had been living in it to be honest.

Now in the kitchen a lot of people get the piss taken out of them and they again give the others smack. Part of the method is to use nicknames. Even though Julian told me everyone has one, I don't think they do. Tevon and Karla definitely don't have any. Here's the list I've gathered.

Hernan-when they want to insult him: Heenan
Bart-not completely sure, but Julian does refer to him as 'The Bartman' sometimes.
Mike-'Uncle Mike', not too sure why he has that name to be honest 'cos he's not a nice guy by any means, but his extreme sarcasm does make him funny.
José-Amigo (just 'cos he's a hispanic)
Hannah-Hannah Banana (don't hear it too often though)
Kitty-that's already Katharine's nickname but it's been expanded: when she's being summoned they shout: "Yo! Kittycat!"
Me-Ruthie: just because I'm always called that by people who want to be extra friendly/affectionate, so I'm used to it

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