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A correction before I begin: Junior's real name isn't Julian it's John. I can easily see where I got mixed up...

Also work-related, Hernan got fired on Monday (by the caterer) so we had to do without his presence this week, not that anyone missed him-he's not a particularly good manager. Oh yeah, last day today :P

So I got paid on Thursday, same day AS/A Level results were announced back in UK. Nathan got all As (except B in General Studies but please, he wasn't really trying that hard). It was good to hear but at the same time not surprising. Still, good to hear he's going to Manchester. Anyways, was paid on Thursday and was also expected to get my paycheck cashed on the same day. But the Bank of Waynesboro (very nice it is) ran out of traveller's checks. Morons. (I've been in America too long, I'm starting to spell the way they do. It's CHEQUE dammit!) So we all had to go back the next day for cashing. Kinda miffed I had to pay $20 (since they charge $2 per cheque and I got 10).

I'm also glad that Camp Louise ordered a chartered bus (hired coach) to take everyone going to Baltimore bus stations, train stations and airport. It's just annoying they're taking $25 off every passenger. Bobbie's not gonna figure out how much she's owed until she gets the bill, so considering I doubt it's truly that expensive, I'm willing to bet I'll get some money back. On the other hand, the camp gives out $65 in travel money to everyone. I didn't expect that, so...FREE MONEY!

I'm also miffed at how early the bus leaves (about 6:30). For the simple reason I had no idea of the earliest opportunity I could go to the airport, so I booked an afternoon flight and how I planned my journey I won't arrive in Toronto until after 9pm. I'm gonna be so tired, bored and frustrated. Here's hoping I can transfer to an earlier flight xxx.

Plus I'm going with Conor, he should be able to keep my spirits up. ^^

I also feel the urge to rant about something unfair: this camp doesn't seem to feel the need to properly find out if a camper has any learning/disciplinary difficulties, nor to reveal them to their counselor, nor give the counselor proper training. I just find that dumb. See, while waiting to cash a counselor talked about a bunch of kids she had in first session (semester) and talked about how bad they were, as well as the fact that the infirmary didn't tell her one camper had something and another parent forgot to mention her daughter had Tourette's Syndrome. I mean seriously, you can't just treat them like 'every other child'. Or you can but the counselor needs to know how to treat them properly. That's all I mean. (Oh yeah, and said counselor wasn't trained and had little experience of how to deal with a special needs child.)

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