Ruth's Diary


Before I begin my rant, I just feel like showing you what I wrote on my cabin wall: see and weep at the stupidity.

I put l0lzorz because it's my laugh at the quote, which I made up. I was twisting Mike Schneider's words, see? At first I thought I would just write lol but then I decided it wasn't enough, so I went completely L337/N00B. (I did not paint the heart or handprint, I'm quite certain either Kitty or Hannah put both.)

Now, today's rant: I'm never impressed by an amateur production of 'Joseph and the Technicolour Dreamcoat'. As you can probably tell, there was one last night at Camp Louise. Some of the weaknesses are the same in every one: weak music. Most productions only seem to have a meager band at their disposal, but (being owner of the soundtrack and having heard it many times) I honestly believe you cannot do the show justice with weak and ineffective music. It's meant to be strong, loud, powerful. It needs crashing drums (easily done), trumpets and plenty of symphosizer action. Why is it they never have the latter 2?

Singing is another weakness-there are almost no spoken lines so good singers are a must. (I now shudder to think of the guy who played the Pharoah in the production at Nathan's school-who had no performing ability whatsoever.) In last night's production the Joseph had a good singing voice, but she's not strong enough for his songs. (Um yeah, there were no boys in the show.) They coulda thought up better ideas for the dances, considering that the ones for the brothers were very good.

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