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Now that I have my birthday celebrations sorted out, as well as my Uni arrival time, I'm not really doing much of anything. After learning some spy techniques from watching The Bourne Ultimatum you'd think I'd suddenly have a string of ideas and get back to work on my untitled spy story. But no. I just live out my days listening to the Podcasts Nathan downloads and playing Warhawk with him (and Tekken 5 DR if I can stand it-now that I've learnt the proper technique for playing it, the game has suddenly turned much more boring. Soul Calibur is better.) Nathan will be off to Manchester this Friday and he'll be taking his PS3 with him (and his HD TV) so since I'll have so much more boredom next week I'll get to work on it then-before I go back to Uni.

Since both of my parents are driving Nathan to Manchester, I'll be alone in this house for a night. That'll certainly be an experience. The first time I spent a night in my house minus my parents was when they had to go to Grandad Frank's funeral and stayed in a Travelodge overnight on the way. But Nathan was also in the house. Since it was a school day I was acting as overall parent-I had to lay the breakfast table and wake him up. I was only 14 (and Nathan was still shorter than me).

Mind you, I have a basic list of things I want to do once I get to Uni: 1) Unpack 2) Clean my computer of needless documents 3) Get A State Of Mind on (rental) DVD-it looks like such a good documentary, I curse myself for not watching it when it came on BBC2 3 years ago, though I don't remember being aware of it. One thing I'll be doing is deleting all my recorded expenditure from last year. At first I did that to figure out a budget, but then I figured that to be impossible since my spending is rather erratic. But then I figured out a budget on the basic premise that I don't want the amount in my account to be too low. So after Freshers' Week I'll go back to restricting myself to withdrawing £30 a week. I've got quite a lot in my account now considering I spent very little in the last term and it grew during my time out of the country (with the help of the standing orders from Dad^^). I also took home the money left over from my travels :).

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