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Huzzah! Exactly a week between the 2 entries.


On Saturday, I didn't just celebrate my birthday that's 8 days from now (me and invited people ate Thai food at June's parents' restaurant. June lamented at how much food was left over so (we took any leftovers home) dinner was left overs of the party. Brill!) but I also saw my second amateur production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat this year. And it was fantastic.

I was actually aware of this production for some time, for it was held at my Church (as in, the church was the venue). There were church-goers that took part and the Youth Choir performed the bits that children sing (not all of them, my guess is that they could only handle certain songs). But the biggest roles either went to small-time professional actors or Scout members. I also found it interesting that in order to get an extra set of performers, some of the brothers got a 'daughter'.

Dances were relatively spectacular, though you could tell which ones hadn't either been well prepared or practiced enough (didn't happen too often though). What amazed me was that they pulled off a dance to the megamix finale.

Costumes were well thought through (very colourful). Though it's a bit strange that Joseph was the only one wearing a skirt-thing in Egypt and that when he met his father "in his chariot of gold" he was wearing Roman armour. Oh well.

The music was done correctly. In fact, anything the band couldn't do they just put in the original soundtrack. Now doing this too many times can be a bad idea, but it was only really done if the score was too spectacular. The only 2 instances I can remember this being done was the Act 1 finale (very finale) and the Megamix at the end of the show. Considering how many people were expected to sing during the megamix, they did a brilliant job of singing over the top of it and (almost) hiding the original vocalists. I did find it strange that in both performances of 'I close my eyes' the entire cast was singing. That's not supposed to happen :s

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