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Since I'm someone who will randomly daydream in the middle of a thought or think 2 or 3 things at once, I've humoured with the idea of writing everything I'm thinking in one of these entries. That won't be today though.

No, today I just wish things could be better updated on my timetable on the student record or just better communicated in general. I was surprised to find an email asking me why I hadn't turned up to the first lecture in my webmail. I didn't remember having that particular lecture on Monday, but when I checked the Student Record a second time it was only then I saw that I had a history lecture at the same time as my German Literature class. It was not there before. My first thought was: good thing Jane wants to change the time of that class. After apologising I've been given instructions for when to pick up the necessary sheets. So that's sorted.

I also went to a History lecture this afternoon only to find out it wasn't the one I was expecting. Now the module I picked was basically (the title's so long I'm not bothered to repeat it) religion in 16th Century Europe. The new one is basically the same but in the 12th Century, which is fine by me since the 12th Century is more interesting than the 16th but I wish I had been told beforehand so I wouldn't end up startled and panicking after I'd settled in. The lecturer explained at the beginning that this module replaced the former (which makes an easy transition) and the reason for that was Karen Stöber is on a Sabbatical (she was meant to take the former course of 16th Century). All very well but surely they coulda told me when I enrolled? (Actually, they still haven't changed the course number so they couldn't.) Surely they coulda changed the title name on my Student Record? GAH!

In Halls they make every resident go to the Fire Safety talk or else (a fine), so I had to go again. Before the talk started they were showing some movie about firefighters, but I had no idea what it was except it starred Kurt Russell (I found out later it's called 'Backdraft'...never heard of it). The talk was surprisingly entertaining, considering the content was extended to include road safety. Then between each section we saw a different 'Fire Kills' infomercial. The most educating bit for me was the clip of BBC news Wales back in 1998, which reported a fire that started in the Seafront Hotel (no longer in existance) and spread to the neighbouring halls. It's become known as the 'Great Fire of Aberystwyth'. From the pictures alone I couldn't tell which Hall it was. But when the camera zoomed out on a particular angle, I recognised a nearby block of flats. The bit that burnt down is where I'm staying in now. No wonder it's so new (and according to the speaker from the Fire Brigade, one of the best fire prevention buildings in Wales). The bit that was damaged but easily restored was (and still is) Pumlumon (Pim-lim-on). I'm in Caerleon, part of the ultra-new complex and officially one of the youngest Halls. Younger than Trefloyne, which was finished in the 90s.

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