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Only today did I discover that I have an essay due in about 3 weeks. I've picked my title so I'll start research tomorrow. (In fact, since it's a 30 Credit module I have to do 2 essays for it.) Since I see a lot of time until 13th December (deadline of last essay) taken up with essay prep and writing, well...I dunno why I thought I'd have a lot of free time, considering this term has more credits than the other one and I certainly didn't have heaps of free time last year (but I did have a surprising amount of it).

I'll spend the last couple of hours of today's freedom (after finding information on an available internship in Frankfurt) finding original clips of Super Sentai Tokusetsu. I guess you'll be thinking WHAT?!!!. Well it's the Japanese show that Mighty Morphin Power Rangers was based on.

Must be the cheapest trick in TV history. Make up a set of characters, a fictional town and stories to boot but for most of the action just put in clips from a different TV show. On the other hand you just have to hand it to the writers to just make up a completely different setting, characters and story quirks/running gags to give more depth to the action scenes.

I can only wonder how amused I'll be at the 'unedited footage' as it were.

Oh yeah, I was also unaware until recently that the Power Rangers actually wore spandex. I thought the textile was the same as the standard dance leotard.


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