Ruth's Diary


I've made several discoveries within the last...8 days I think.

Number 1: Most students don't bring their laptops to lectures because they feel they write faster than they type. I was surprised, but then, back home I usually associated myself with people who were well-versed in technology and I'd always see them type quickly, especially teenagers. But no, despite the fact that I was in Primary School when the curriculum ordered us to learn how to touch-type, most people still only press one key at a time. Technically I don't touch-type but I can type fast.

Number 2: I think I brewed some cider in my backpack. After telling the story to a couple of people some have disagreed and believe the apple juice simply went flat. Well you can decide. Thursday last week I bought a bottle of Fairtrade Apple Juice to have with my lunch, now it's quite a big bottle, so I drank half, screwed the lid tightly and put it in my backpack. Last Monday I casually took it out before a lecture began 'cos I was thirsty. I found the remaining apple juice topped with a thick layer of foam and once I'd unscrewed it, bubbles cascaded through it. When I drank it, the taste reminded me of cider.

Number 3: The Hugh Owen library on Penglais Campus tends to make me feel stressed. I dunno what it is, I think it's just a mixture of trying to read through a book and taking notes as quickly as possible, delayed at first by finding a decent workspace and then finding the required book, interrupted by rustling, whispers or a personal trip to the toilet. In the end I feel quite agitated. But in my room/dorm, where I am now, I feel very relaxed, as if I've all the time in the world. Now I don't believe in Feng-Shui. As Bishop Carl said, it's ludicrous that someone can be happy just because a sofa is in the right spot in the lounge. (Technically he got it wrong and called it Tai-Chi lol) But it's undeniable that someone's mood or even outlook on life is affected by their living conditions. My room in the Hall of Residence (Caerleon) is very tidy and very spacious; if it was just a bedroom in a house, it could be considered very big. Maybe my mood is affected by the fact that I can see almost everything I own and I can walk about freely?

Number 4: Auctions are fun. The Walking Club *shudder* (it should be HIKING SOCIETY dammit!) had a cake auction last night to raise money. On the cakes I didn't particularly want (I had my eyes set on sponge cakes) I just kept raising the bid to see how far the person who really wanted it was willing to go. I really wanted to laugh when Caroline panicked during one of my bid increases and Lucy (I know too many Lucys) saved her by finding more of her own coins. The largest bid for a cake was only £8 and the starting bid was always £2, which shows how gradually bids increased, but the rate they went up and kept onlookers anticipated, oh that was fun.

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