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Just the other day I found out that Arnold Schwarzenegger, Governor of California, has signed a Bill that declares "Mom", "Dad", "wife" and "husband" offensive terms unless people are reminded of alternative sexualities and families. Also included in the Bill is the demand that changing rooms and toilets should not be restricted to just those technically a boy or girl because in light of transsexuality the pupils should have the right to choose their gender and go in any changing room/restroom they feel they belong. At first I just laughed at this because the bath/changing room thing is so European-it's typical to have same-sex changing rooms. But all in all, it's rather stupid. I can just imagine now the amounts of boys who will declare themselves female and go into the girls' changing rooms just to admire boobs. And any cheeky girls will go into boys toilets and leave naughty messages all over the place.

Plus the quoted terms are so normal, how else are we going to affectionately refer to spouses (spouse sounds slightly dirty and exploitative to me) or address our parents. Of course when I say "we" and "our" I'm talking from the POV of a Californian citizen.

Plus it's another unfortunate show of how government officials are becoming obsessed with being politically correct. Also part of the Bill states how it is now legal for a lesbian to sue for harassment if parents tell children in their presence that a man can only marry a woman. Likewise for a transsexual if a parent tells a child in their presence they can only be born a boy or a girl.

What I find extra stupid was that the group advocating homosexual rights supported this.

What's also stupid is the flipside: parents who want to advocate the nuclear family think society is out to break it apart and accuse the Bill of making public schools become indoctrination centres to encourage homosexuality. I don't think that'll ever be the case.

I also found this out via an American Christian blogger (I wasn't even looking for a blog at the time) who explained that much of Christianity doesn't have anything against homosexuality (it's true) but do not support the "lifestyle choices" gay people make. WHAT?!?!? You suggesting that just because someone's gay they just sleep around willy-nilly? That is definitely not the case and very prejudiced. I think homos are becoming the same as heteros in terms of morality and responsible decision making, in that there are those who wait for 'the one' or the 'right time' before losing their virginity.

As for those parents who want to keep their children away from homosexuality: well guess what? It's everywhere. Even if they never meet one they're going to find out. Plus those who never meet one might end up gay themselves. It's happened.

The entire thing has got me riled up. I'm even tapping the keys furiously.

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