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I've done something which could possibly be considered an item on the 'Things to do before you die' list. Except I would personally never make one because otherwise I wouldn't be satisfied with how things are now and with myself and I couldn't go around enjoying the things I do and the natural world so much. Most of the time my emotion is 'content' because that is what I am. Anyway, I made a Youtube video. I found the various silly embedded messages in Excel Saga so funny I thought I'd put them all together. I'll be putting it up tomorrow, after I've cleaned out the chinks and made the size and visual fit properly for decent upload. The process seems simple enough but my experience of doing things for the first time tells me that there will be problems. Such like the vid I made: took me a while to figure out how to export the file into a Quicktime movie the way I wanted it.

Moving on, since I'm so proud of myself, I thought I'd mention here that I am now a certified Mountain First Aider.

I might have also mentioned my wonderful mark on my first assignment of the year. The thing is, it's not wonderful, it's 58. The essay dealt with if the new monastic orders formed because the contemporary norm (Benedictine) had failed. If you study the topic, you'll find that Benedictine monasticism didn't fail. Now with my essay, I decided to make it very concise and keep the analytical thread going throughout and keep referring to the question. Turns out I didn't. Bernard (yes, the module tutor's name is Bernard-quite nice guy and surprisingly witty at the right moments) felt I rarely hit the mark and only got it dead on when looking at the military orders (that's right! The 12th Century saw monks that got involved in warfare!). He also thought I had a better idea of the situation in my head and expressed myself better in  seminars than in the essay. Pooh!

He asked to see my essay plan (all 4 pages of it-I don't remember ever writing a plan that was so long) for my next essay, so I can only wonder what changes he will make.

I'm off to Quang's house for the party now.

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