Ruth's Diary


As I suspected: I ran into problems uploading the video onto Youtube (for some strange reason it's happy to upload it whenever I remove the music) so I'm giving up for now, I have other priorities.

I'm still pissed off about something though, so after I write this down I'll stop moaning about it. It's not like the end of the world after all.

I was looking forward to 4 long weeks of holiday and even found out my first exam was on a Wednesday, so deciding I didn't want to come back to Aberystwyth on a Saturday (as I'd done in the past-Sunday is a bit too inconvenient for a parent to take me to the coach stop) I got a return ticket for Monday 14th January. Then my 18th Century Britain module slaps me in the face by deciding to place its only 2 seminars in Revision Week-the week before exams and official first week of term. So I only get 3 weeks of holiday. And since my tickets have already arrived I'm going to have to change journeys and I'll be charged £4 (£2 per ticket change). But then I realised, it's only £4-it's less than my typical charity donation. So I'm waiting for seminar dates to come through and I'm hoping I get to still come back on a Monday. That'll be almost my only saving grace.

I might as well admit something though: I don't want to return on Saturday otherwise I'll miss TNA.

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