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Next week, I'll be home. Going home on the Saturday. The Friday before, however, I have no proper committed reason to staying, but I am staying, because I want to be involved in the magical Toddlers' Christmas Trail. I enjoyed it last year (I was Mary who was visited by the Angel-I hope I'm Mary in the stable in 3rd Year) and this year I wanted to be involved again. I'm going to be a shepherd (the shepherds are predominantly female this year), which is fine since we move about (lead the visitors to the stable) and see the baby every time :).

But entering this final week of term I'm in a more introverted mood. This always seems to happen. When I'm about to go home I'm happier staying indoors and doing what-not (watching movies usually) than bothering to make the effort to do things with various friends or just go upstairs to see Gabriel. That and I keep making packing plans. I know exactly what food I'll take with me for the journey home and I've already decided Friday's plans.

I'm a bit aggrieved that Alex (my Lektor) decided to make us do 2 vocab tests in one go-well, that's not the problem. The real problem was that we got less than a week to learn the second set of vocab. I'm surprised to find I've somehow managed learn most of it (there's always one word that escapes me) though I will be testing that shortly. I've just spent more than half an hour learning the phrases. I don't see much point in learning the phrases since we never use them and I was enraged to find Alex decided to write the English of most of the words but not the phrases. Not all the phrases can be found in a dictionary dammit!

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